I sent this photo out last night to a few, and grand-daughter Taylor wanted to know if I was naked. Considering this is a dog walking area of a large rest area off a major interstate, the answer is: ...

As I rolled through southern Indiana towns early this morning where every second was a new adventure I realized that despite being flat broke a few times and no roof over my head a couple of times, I've had a pretty good 74 years.

As the sun rose over Kentucky I knew that the good life is continuing, and I'm very grateful.

I keep asking my phone Where Am I? Just now she said I was at a rest area off I70/40 just West of Terre Haute, Indiana, called the Sugar Creek Complex.

Well, aint that slick, I'm going to hang out here for a while, drop on by!

Alright, maybe I am just an old hippie...

The leaves in my yard are starting to hit the ground and soon it will be solid yellow. Back in Idaho Steph would spend days raking and bagging the leaves, which I always thought should have stayed put.

Hey Steph, want to tackle this? You can gather walnuts while you're at it!

Life is dangerous. Live it fully and without fear while you still have a pulse, even if you end up going down the drain.

Every afternoon I walk down to my fade away spot, sit on the rocks with the sun to my back, and reflect on the many chapters of my life. Now I wonder if some day I'll look back and think then there was Tennessee, or is this the final chapter...

Piper always pretends to have no interest in TV but some 4K flyovers last night got her attention.