I'm goint to start a new routine come this Sunday called the Water Diet. Not because I'm overweight (I ain't) but just that I'm reading good things about it. The reason I'm waiting till Sunday is because I made a new friend yesterday on a used car run from Nashville who invited me to Iron City on Saturday to join him and his friends at the famous Taco Shack for breakfast. After that I need to watch the Titans advance in the playoffs, and then I'll be ready. Also assuming I have a roof as tornado warnings are focusing directly on my little town tomorrow afternoon.

The diet:

• Drink four glasses of water immediately after waking, before brushing your teeth, and on an empty stomach.

• Do not eat anything for the next 45 minutes.

• After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.

• Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My new app Jimazon is ready...

Riley and Jessica are hanging out in Puerto Rico and he sent me some pics. I've started a Set and I'll add to them as they roll in over the next few days. Click below to see them.

I just discovered that my great-great grandfather on my mothers side, Thomas Grundy Smith, was born in Shoal Creek, MO. in 1857, and his mother was born in Tennessee. That explains this:

The creek that runs below my window here in Tennessee is named Shoal Creek and it's been around for over four hundred years. According to the geneology charts my great-great-great grandmother lived right down the road from this Shoal Creek before moving to Missouri to farm the land. Maybe she named the creek up there?

(and that looks like a bus :-)

Riley and Jessica are on a cruise and her last FB post said she took a spill in the casino and was hurting. Damn, that sucks. I guess they didn't get the internet package because there's no update and not responding to texts.

Reminds me of a time back in the '70s when my wife and I were on vacation down in Texas. I was foot racing my uncle John through the huge Dallas county fairgrounds and when I glanced right to see why he was pulling up I ran right into the street and smashed into a car. Broke my collar bone. We went to the Kennedy memorial after that and I was in so much pain, it was a blur. Didn't get it looked at until we got back to CA and the drive home was excruciating. (Not sure why Marci didn't drive :-)

Update: Just heard from them, everything is alright I guess, Riley sent an image:

I never imagined I would be saying this two years ago, but my official state of residence is Tennessee. I've lived here well over a year now, I have a Tennessee commercial drivers license, the address on my passport is here, I have a Tennessee Medicare advantage plan, and my new adopted football team is the Titans. Last night I stayed up well beyond my bedtime to watch my team kick the Patriots ass and I made a prediction to my son Riley (a Seahawks fan) a couple of months ago that the Titans would play the Seahawks in the upcoming Super Bowl. I could visualize him rolling his eyes over the phone, but watch out now.

Met my friends for lunch and they were armed.

I dove down deep this morning and modularized some critical components in my app as a function of implementing paging. It worked great then I drove to the dermaguy who sliced a squamous from my scalp. First real day in the Soaring Twenties!

New Years Day is the ultimate manifestation of corporate greed, one more day to soak the economy, and half the working force of America is wondering why they're not at work. The holiday life tradition family mumbo jumbo 2020 song is being forced into our minds through our electronic media. Thank god my footprint is small with consumption under my thumb, shaky as it is.

Since celebrating the transition between years as a holiday is true then decade changes should qualify as bonus which means everyone should be off tomorrow also. Hell, might as well take Friday off...