The best time I've ever spent here in my Southern Tennessee small place, was when the dark rental vehicle turned on to our street and I said "they're here".

Suddenly, a flood of family came rushing out the doors, into my space and into my arms. My son Riley, wife Jessica, baby Ariella, and Taleigh in the belly. Grand-daughter Shelby and her dog Zinny.

I had barbecue waiting in the center of my mancave. They all got to experience my life here, and like I said, the best day. I even took them on a back road cruise up to the Park and back through the Square.

Then we all headed North for our amazing Nashville adventure.

I've lived in many places in my life, and I've learned a truth. You either love it, hate it, or endure it. If you love a place, you lovingly hold onto it. If you hate a place, you fight desperately to escape it.

To endure a place is to accept the level of security it offers, at a price you can afford.

Maybe there's another level, where the three emotions can come together, and thrive. I think that's where I'm at right now.

Sunday football and our Titans are trying to knock the Jags out of the play offs. There are a bunch of teams with an investment in this game. We're up 28 to 13, early third quarter.

Daniel did a fine thing for a longtime friend today. For years he's been the ice house maintenance guy on weekends, for his friend Jim, who owns ice units all around the area.

After his foot surgery he had to back off, and Jim has been scrambling to find a replacement for Daniel. The one he currently has, is an irresponsible idiot, the Pulaski and Ardmore ice houses are down, he's losing money, and he's furious.

So Daniel stepped up and said he would find a way to fix them this morning. He can't drive his service truck because it's a clutch, and surgery was on the left foot. He also can't go up and down ladders like he used to.

He then called his good friend Alan, who agreed to drive the truck and be a parts runner from the truck to halfway up the ladder. They got an early start, made a good team, got both ice houses fixed, and Daniel made it over here by 1200 for football.

He also made a whole bunch of valuable points, with an influential Southern Tennessee business man.

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It's been a quiet lonely day here on the deadend street. Daniel dropped by earlier and drug me up to Cash Saver's for something he wanted. As he headed towards the store, with his door closing, I said "I'll just wait in the truck".

I think I saw his middle finger emerge from his stocky hand and it all has to do with Lanie Wilson. He hates her, or at least says he does, just to aggravate me, a Wilsoner.

There's a line in a recent CMA 2023 video about domestic violence, where the man finds a beaten woman in the middle of a dark road, and they drive back to her abusers house. He tells the woman to "just wait in the truck", and then takes the guy out, permanently. Smoking one of his cigarettes, and waiting for the cops to come.

It's a great performance, with a message, but my neighbor doesn't like it because Lanie's in it.

It's also sad that an otherwise intelligent, talented guy can be so wrong about the hottest female country star in the world. Jennifer Nettles is real high on my hot list, along with a couple others, but Lanie is tops for me.

Daniel says that she's bourgeois, boughie, as he likes to say. I asked him who he likes, and he shows me some chick in pink with pony tails. Meghan Trainer, I like her, but talk about the ultimate definition of boughie, she's it.

I'd love to be giving my friend some Lanie grief, and discussing these differences, but he's been hunkered down with his wife next door, all day.

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Guess who's birthday I just spaced on. Umhuh, I knew an important one was happening but I couldn't recall that today is my beautiful favorite grand-daughter Shelby's thirty second birthday.

She had texted me earlier: "We're at Disney for birthday festivities", intentionally leaving "my" out of the expression, testing me.

Finally, after reading my Life Blog post, and realizing that I just wasn't getting it, she texted: "My birthday is today papa..."

I fell to my knees before my laptop, in humility, and texted her for forgiveness!

Photos of Shelby and Kristin's Disney birthday day are forthcoming, check back tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a very short clip I found on my little video camera. It was taken as Shelby and I had just sat down to that fancy Tampa brunch, with what's her name.

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As I float through early 2024, towards the middle of a decade that I thought I would never see, I've felt that everyday has been somebodies birthday. Some persons I was close to and loved, that I can't even remember their name now, had a birthday on this first week of January.

I am so terrible with names these days, and I have almost zero birthday cognizance. I wish I had started a blog when I first learned to write, along with a Google spreadsheet containing notes and dates about everyone I ever met.

Obviously, the tech wasn't there in the late forties, but it is now. I think it should be every parents responsibility to learn how to setup a blog and a spreadsheet!

Then give each child the gift of their own space to record their life, teaching them how to do it, and why they will love the ability to relive any day, any person, as life moves on.

Each post and spreadsheet update would be completely private and stored in the cloud. If the blogger want's to share a post with anyone, as the years roll by, they can. The rest of the blog is not visible, to anyone, but them.

Give each child a basic phone as soon as they're ready. The blogging platform could be baked in, and all the parents would need to do is customize it for them, and teach them how to use it.

Daniel read the Just Go On post and then, having been born and raised here, gave me the history of Pat's Cafe.

The very nice lady who takes orders on the tablet, and who bought my breakfast this morning, is the owner, Teresa. Her mom was named Pat, and with her step-fathers help, opened the cafe years ago.

Teresa and her two siblings inherited the restaurant, then she bought them out, and the place was all hers. I assume the implementation of the technology is also hers.

Daniel has known Teresa forever, and has a high regard for the family. She and her husband run a catering business and would love to see a responsible transition of the place, to new owners, but they haven't appeared yet.

Pats Cafe is a long block off the main highway, and down a small town road. And every time I've been there, they've always been hopping. Now that I know the history, I understand why.

I drove over to the Park to warm my dashboard up. Then I secured my two main screens with double stick tape. From left to right: Backup Cam, GPS, DC Splitter, and my straw.

This is my DJI Pocket Two mount for driving videos, while down in the corner is my internal radio antenna.

Here's the phone mount, to my left. On the recent Tampa road trip I had both Google, and my Garmin GPS, giving me step by step directions.

When I would deviate off the route, to get gas or whatever, it was comical to hear these female voices trying to get me back on track, in their own way.

Kinda the story of my life...

I had breakfast at Pat's Cafe this morning, and this little place next to the bowling alley was rocking around 1000. Really busy, and I sat at the table in the corner with my back to the wall.

Each table has a number because the ordering system is computerized. A lady walks around with a tablet and takes your order on it, and it's sent straight to the kitchen.

I had eggs over easy, hash browns and a pancake. The food is served by pretty young girls, who wear short shorts in the Summer, btw.

When you're done and ready to pay you just walk up to the cashier and she magically knows what table you were at. Maybe there's a face recognition system that takes a snapshot once you're served, and presents it to the cashier, I don't know.

But today, it skipped a beat with me. She got a puzzled look on her face, then grabbed a small in-house walkie talkie and called the tablet lady up to the register.

My order wasn't there, the system showed that table empty. Then the tablet lady smiled and said Just Go On! I was shocked and said Pat's buying me breakfast? and she said Yea, just go on.

Then I put a nice tip in their jar, and went on. What a great way to start a weekend!

I hate it when Daniel gets home late, so I demanded to know where he was tonight, and he claimed they were fixing a gas leak down in Loretto!

Yea right, I'll bet he and the boys were at the new Lesbian bar that just opened up, down the road in Leoma. I hear they have a couple of poles, and a big warm party room.

Sometimes my friend and neighbor Daniel never even makes it over here after work, because he's hooking up with his wife, or other friends. And I'm fine with that, bitch!

I don't hang out with Daniel's school system, maintenance department, co-workers. I've met a few of his friends, his two sons, and we've all hung out together, for a short bit, at some point.

The bottom line of this Post is, I have landed in a place where I have no family around me. I honestly thought Steph's family here would become mine, but that fell through.

I have a few eclectic friends here that I cherish, but just don't see very often, anymore.

My insides have been blocked up since Christmas. My gynecologist neighbor, Dr Daniel, suggested a bottle of Magnesium Sulfide (or Sulfate). I thought that young pretend clinic doctor I just saw, would have a super prescription cleanse up his sleeve, but he said the same thing as Dr D, buy it over the counter.

So I bought and drank a big bottle Wednesday morning, and the blockage fell apart around 1300. It continued through yesterday until empty, and I'm now putting solid food back in. My gut is cleaned up, and feels great!