I had to know if it's my taste buds going South, or the food around here really sucks. So I went to one of my favorites today to find out.

I don't know what's better, the catfish at Legends Express, or the lady that works the front counter. I've eaten here for years and Teresa and I are now on a first name basis.

I asked how old she was and she's in her mid fifties, just like the younger people I know around me. The way this town works, she probably knows my born and raised here neighbor, Daniel...

The catfish, fried okra and potato salad were great. They were just getting going this morning so the fish was hot and fresh.

There was a grumpy biker type dude, wearing a headband at the counter when I walked in. As I was getting my order he stormed back in and said his mac and cheese was cold. Ok, Legends Brisketville, he was right, sometimes your sides are on the cool side, especially with drive-through.

Teresa, fix this!

You may think I'm joking about the Internet that I helped build, but I'm not.

I was a major player in the computer industry through the seventies and eighties. I developed business building software on IBM minis, broke new graphics grounds as the IBM PC came out, formed two companies and was at the heart of the PC revolution.

I ran early Windows beta software on my box, just down the road from Redmond. I wrote assembly language scanner device drivers for the great one, PC Paintbrush.

I could rattle on here all day, but I was there from the beginning and my contributions to this thing we call the Internet, is notable.

btw: I humbly submit that I truly was a computer genius back then, not so much now :-)

I've been honestly trying to figure out how I ended up here, alone on a deadend street in the South.

It all started when things in Idaho changed and Steph and I moved to Tennessee. We were in the friendship stage of a long loving relationship. No sex, she was living on her daughters couch, loving her grand daughters.

I fell in love with those girls! I thought I was becoming part of their family, and I really wanted to be.

Then everything fell apart, not really sure why, and one day Steph just disappeared!

I've respected her privacy and not gone looking for her, but I have so many questions. I think my confidence as a man has been shattered. Am I such a bad guy that she couldn't have just directly said goodbye?

It's quite interesting sharing your life throughout the day with the world. Each Post must encapsulate itself, stand on it's own, make a point! Yet blend into the synchronous fabric of the blog, smoothly.

I try to present all Posts positively, as if there's anybody out there that actually gives a flying fuck cares.

Sometimes I don't succeed, and fall off the edge. Hey, I've been falling off the edge since I could walk. I usually have my crazy Posts down before sunrise.

I've had the most amazing life, and been blogging about it for the last fifteen years. I've talked about everything, from the moment I was born, until now.

The truth is, it would take weeks to read, and why would anyone want to. My past life doesn't matter, hell my current life barely matters. If I was somebody famous it would be a fun dig, with a bunch of photos and video.

So why do I do this? Because I can!

I knew I had to eat something this afternoon, and I opted for one more fish sandwich.

I skipped the tomato and heated up some no bean chili next to the fish in the oven, on the flip. Mayo on the toast, coleslaw down, topped with tarter sauce, fish layed on top.

Slathered it with hot chili, the other slice pressed down good, and OMJ's Chili Fish Sandwich, is born!

The reason Steve was able to park his mobile home in that wide open flood-plain field, and get city water, city sewage, city electric and internet hooked up down there, is because he owns the property.

He bought it after the flood and it has great access to Shoal Creek. It's the spot that our tubing outfit launched folks down the creek from. The tubing owner Ricky is Steve's cousin and his general contractor.

Steve Kilburn is I believe, the largest rental property owner around here. He also runs a large used car lot here in town called Four Sons Auto.

Steve and Ricky are both good men, and I've enjoyed working for them here. The tubing business is over and I'm sure they will have a busy summer with their rentals.

I just had a thought. Thoughts are wonderful bursts of mental energy that emerge from our being and define our existence.

Every blog Post I do evolves from an initial thought. Most times it's simply the fact that something interesting happened in my life, and I just share and expand on it, but sometimes it's so much more.

On occasion I slide down into the deep dark hole of life, and thoughts suddenly become toxic. My Posts always speak the truth, so blogging while in the hole, usually causes me to send them to the trash the next morning.

But those thoughts were online for a while, often overnight, and you can't take anything back from this Internet that I helped create.

You can hide them after the fact, but every second they're up there, lengthens their life and impact.

With blogging comes responsibility. I just spent the morning going through recent Posts, removing f-bombs and reworking edgy stuff.

Obviously I'm not going back into more than five years of content, but I'm trying to find ways of speaking my mind and my truth now, with class.

I grabbed my first shower in days then drove in the rain up to the Square for breakfast. I walked in at 0700 just as they opened.

The regular waitresses are gone, it's just old Sue and the young guy now. I had a rare cup of coffee, an omelet, hash browns and a biscuit.

Either the food in this town is just bad, or there's something going on with my taste buds. Nothing tastes good to me anymore, I only finished half the omelet and just left the biscuit alone, no gravy or butter to go with it.

I honestly didn't like the taste of the meat inside the eggs. I've recently had similar experiences with that terrible Wendys fish sandwich, a Big Mac disaster, and Mexican food I could only eat a bit of before throwing it all out.

I wonder if there's a medical condition that does affect your taste buds?

I think life is absolutely wonderful and amazing. I love and cherish it with all my heart and soul.

I've landed in some tough spots over all these years, and some great ones. I've been flat ass broke and homeless, to living well and happy.

Now here I am in my little mancave in the deep south. Respecting life, confused with it, and talking about it.

I have decided to be grateful for how I've landed now, as opposed to feeling bitter or sorry.

My little place is great, it provides for me, with a rent chunk out of my S.S. that I can survive on, while my savings are almost gone.

So here's to life! I love it!

And for anyone out there that wonders, much less cares, what my eclipse event diet was:

 • Half a bowl of bite-sized shredded wheat, no fruit.

 • Made one of my fish sandwichs for lunch.

 • For dinner, cheese covered chili toast!

With a couple peanut butter cups for desert.