I see more and more people walking around with colored hair, what an interesting statement to the world, and I like it!

They're saying that they want to be different in this bland world of look-alikes. They don't give a flying fuck what people think, and some folks will curl their lips up and smile broadly, while some will look down and shake their head.

With me, I've got a long ol goatee to go with the side hair on my head. What color to chose? Purple, orange, yellow? Flaming red? Can I do it myself or should I go to a salon?

I don't do tattoos, ain't my style, but this intrigues me. I think I might be ready...

On another note, the pills my local clinic doctor prescribed seem to be working just fine, the chigger bites and the itching are fading away, haven't bothered me all day. Yay!

And Shelby may be able to join Brian and I in Seattle in September, fingers crossed, and extended in the middle...

I've got two squirrel couples hanging out in my front yard, and I love um. I also have two chipmunk couples here and a variety of birds.

Unfortunately, the squirrels have been just raiding the bird feeder bad, so I had to fix it today. I lowered it from it's perch, set it outward from the tree and put a pan between the feeder and the tree.

It's a down home hick solution to an age old problem, but I think it will work, we'll see...

I was hiking through the woods of Florence Alabama last weekend, down past the Wilson Dam, and picked up a batch of Chiggers. These tiny little bitches are the parasitic larval stage of mites. They pierce the skin with their sharp mouthparts, inject a digestive enzyme, and then feed on you. I thought they burrowed all the way in, but it's just their head, then the resulting sore forms around them.

You carry them home unwittingly and they end up infesting your bed when you go to sleep. I've now got some major bites all over me. So this morning I hit the clinic up and got some drugs, along with a steroid shot in my hip, then took my bedding over to the Wishy Washy.

Stuff arriving from Amazon tomorrow to disinfect my bed, at which point I'll put fresh sheets down. Meanwhile I'm sleeping in my truck tonight, out under the carport.

I asked my friend the laundry lady if they managed to rescue that bird that was stuck behind the window a couple weeks back, and she said yea, the owner trapped it with a broom and grabbed it. Very good!

Update: The drugs are wurkening, not itcheng, qhat the hell...

I water my baby's plant well, today I watered her twice. The flowers continue to sprout, and die. This plant is a living testament to the sweet cat that lies below her.

My debit card was denied at a store today, so I called the bank, and said What The Fuck? It turns out they have this fraud protection thing going and my flight to Seattle purchase triggered a shutdown.

So, I told them I purchase items like this all the time. I've been to Belize three times in the last three years, and Roatan twice. The nice bank lady said it was for my benefit and I said turn it the fuck off, please. There is now a note on my account, that I travel a lot!

Sheesh. And then a guy washing windows told me that because of the war in Ukraine there was going to be a global famine that will affect us all, come winter.

Now my brain is going South! Or North, I'm not sure. I've been having weird shit going on inside...

Just booked a flight to Seattle for mid-September. So did my nephew Brian. Waiting on Shelby...

Going to visit Riley, Jess and Ariella, Riley's providing a car and I will play tour guide, based on my tweny years there, and as a transit supervisor. I have so many places in mind, to turn those two on to. My great friends Dave and Sue will be in town, and this could be epic!

Hell, the Oregon coastline is not out of the question!

I am making some new friends, just not of the human variety. I have three little animal couples that love to come up on my porch and chow down. I leave the door wide open to shoot my photos, and they have come to trust me.

Each couple has a dominant mate, I assume the male, that comes to my little feeding station, while the other remains in the background. In this photoset I've captured some great shots of the squirrel and the chipmunk. The other couple is a beautiful little red bird that comes to feed and then carries it back to it's mate, just a few feet behind, and feeds her from his beak.

All I've got here is the squirrel and the chipmunk, but they're great, no screen door or window in the way because I was just standing there in the door, a couple of feet away. Working on capturing the birds. Click the photo below to see the photoset!

I cleaned the photos off of my phone today, and ran across these:

The chipmunk that showed up on my porch this morning to eat the feed I put down.

The bird that was trapped behind the window at the Wishy Washy.


Daniel getting his groove on.

My sign painting grandfathers hammer that I use to bust up ice.

An uneaten catfish plate, freshly made, from Legends Express. Creamed corn, baked beans, homemade tarter sauce, farm raised catfish, cornbread...

Sunrise at Gulfport, MS.

My GPS on the ride back North.

Alright, things are evolving. As of this moment, we are all looking forward to the possibility of meeting in Seattle around September 17, on Ariella's first birthday.

Who is all of us? Me, Brian and Shelby! We are all connected, we are all family, and friends. What an amazing thing it would be to re-connect in Seattle, and see my precious grand-daughter!


Well, it turns out when you leave your left arm hanging out the window on long road trips, and travel through the Caribbean a lot with your shirt off, you pick up shit.

Then you have to go to the skin doctor and have it cut out. That happened today and if it weren't for the fact that the young lady that did the cutting was pretty, and very nice, it would have sucked!