The girls dropped by to visit old Papa today. It's been great to watch them grow up and to catch an occasional photo shoot along the way.

Click the photo below to see the set. Look close for the peanut butter and honey cracker remnants around the mouths.

I've produced a new video with the four best shots of the Praying Mantis that appeared as a Sign in my kitchen after I returned from the cruise.

The talking head weather girl on channel 2 gushes that Fall is in the air! Yea, but it's mostly on the ground around my place. It is Fall after all.

How often do you lie when people ask how you are? For the grocery checker it's a casual greeting and they really don't expect a reply that matters to them, so I lie. If it's a neighbor that I rarely talk to, I lie.

If a friend looks me in the eye and asks, or if I establish a connection of empathy over the phone with someone, I tell the truth.

So what are the lies? Fine, good, great, ok, hanging in there, blah blah blah...

What's my truth right now? "Ok, but wallowing somewhat in the muck of eminent inevitability".

What's your truth?

The locally decorated stop sign heading up Ski Hill Road to Grand Targhee many winters ago...

The sign before that:

I produced a new video today.

I've got an ugly painful squishy mole on the top of my head. Reading up on Melanoma I see that those on your head will kill you twice as fast because they spread into your brain. What a way to go, I wander if it's hallucinogenic?

Another thing I read up on is treatment. For someone who doesn't buy into the medical system I see it as a well orchestrated money grab with many layers where everyone gets their cut.

So my plan is to monitor it by holding the small mirror with my Parkinson's affected hands such that I can try to see it in the big mirror through the film that's creeping over my eyes.

Dillan's turning seventeen and I created his own website for him as a birthday present. Guys his age normally want cash but I'm stepping beyond the norm. He asked me what to do with it and I said anything you want!

My advice is to just ask around, ask his friends what they would do with a website that matches their name, ask his teachers. In this day and age it has value. He can then choose how much he wants to invest in it. Learn a little code, setup a blog, or just sit on it until he starts a career and then hire somebody to do it.

I've been thinking about what I would do, as a HS Junior in a small Tennessee town, with a My Name domain hosting a sweet little custom CMS (Content Management System) running my own Blog. I would start doing daily posts about everything and share the links with my friends via social media and if what I had to say had meaning and value eventually the audience would grow large. Then, I really would have a voice.

I just happen to be working with a sweet little CMS called Anchor. I've set up a test blog (which I'll announce shortly) that would be a perfect fit for a one person blog, like

The girls invited me to the Summertown Home Coming parade today. I missed the football float but grabbed a few shots worthy of checking out by clicking the photo below.

I just pulled the old Amazon trigger on a new phone, the Panasonic 2-Line KX-TG9541B. I've got two phone lines/numbers: my Google Voice line running through a VOIP adaptor (with a Las Vegas prefix), and the land-line provided by my Spectrum internet account (with the local prefix).

Right now I have the VOIP line hooked to a cordless phone, I'll dump that. The Spectrum line is a simple corded black thing, I'll dump that. The new unit will sit proudly on my desk and handle both lines with one common voice message, great speakerphone and tons of other good stuff.