Made the long drive (2 miles) over to David Crocket State Park this morning and had the place to myself.

A new gym opened up over the weekend in our little town and I'm now a member. It's a 24/7 called Workout Anytime and it's big, they have brand new state of the art equipment, a Hydro Massage, a reACT Trainer and my Medicare Advantage plan makes it totally free for me.

So I get home after a great first workout, open the carton of eggs my neighbor gave me from his wife's chickens, and find this little egg. That's me, the 74 year old sleeper...

Meanwhile, Piper was laying on the floor where her bed of books used to be so I grabbed my travel bag, threw one of her old blankets from Idaho in there, and...

The leaves are falling again as I enter my third winter in southern Tennessee. My groundhog and I reflect.

Pipers new bed, the box of VC Andrews books and no I don't read that stuff...

Update: Sold the box of books on FB.

I've created a cool concept today that I call the Logo Cube. It has six sides: front, back, left, right, top and bottom. Here it is with all six sides at 0.7 opacity, being built one side at a time and then unbuilt:

It's now the site header with each side a decreasing level of opacity.

Here it is with all six sides at full opacity:

I have some cool animals that live along the creek and frolic in my backyard: Two busy squirrels, a fat groundhog (used to be two), a big armadillo, and a red fox with a bushy tail as big as it's body.

When I opened the door at 0430 this morning to let Piper out we both spotted the fox on the road under the street light. Piper wasn't fazed at all as it took off to the back, like they've crossed paths in the nights before.

I have no plan, parkinson's is kicking my ass and my website project is at a standstill. Despite that, I gave my life an eight yesterday while talking to Steph. I have shelter, technology, supplies, a great old truck and a great old cat. Just chilen.

btw: This blog has been spasmodic lately, a function of the process known as my old brain. So many memories always flooding in from every corner and I try to convey them (because this is a blog :-) but sometimes it gets too personal and I have to step back. Sorry.