I think the connection between my memory, and it's every second involvement with my brain matter, has been damaged.

I have these things I call Jaggies, brain electrical connections flowing in front of my vision.

I'm rapidly losing my ability to form words into sentences, or even remembering events or people, in the last couple months.

I honestly believe it's from falls over the last few years, where I've struck the back of my head.

One fall about three years ago sent me to the local hospital, and all the tests and machines said I was ok. I took a tumble down a BNB stairwell with family in Nashville recently. I got pain pills for my hurt right shoulder.

It's all tied together. Over the years I've survived as a lonely old man on a dead end street in the deep south, drinking vodka, taking pain meds, and smokin when I could.

My sweet beautiful grand-daughter Shelby and I were playing Lecture Wars tonight, and she told me stories about my life in that house which led up to my current condition. No food, a bare pantry, but plenty of vodka.

These were stories based on her observations, and comments from the neighbors. I was a fucking mess when neighbor Daniel found me that day, called 911, then Shelby, and Riley.

I was taking Parkinsons meds and Celebrex for my shoulder pain, which I had probably stopped taking at that point.

I was just waiting to pass on. The county would swoop in, cremate me and plant me in the local paupers cemetery, then put a write-up in the Wed weekly paper.

So now here I am, taking a dozen meds daily, sitting in a great, steaming hot man-cave in a beautiful place in Florida.

Shelby keeps trying to get me to eat, hmmm, I think that was lecture two or three. I really try, but I have no, what do you call it? appetite!

We're working on a slice of meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight.

She also want's to take me on a walk up some steps to an ocean view tomorrow. If my legs are working, let's go!

But now, I've got an invite to watch a comedy on her big screen from her couch. Good night...

Update: The neighborhood cat walked into the man cave and we made friends. Her name is Luna, very sweet...