We're hunkering down today, for a while, as the badass thunderstorm downpour rolls by. This is how the homeless take showers around here. They strip off their clothes and wash off in the warm strong rain, entertained by loud rolling thunder.

Shelby and I are playing it smart today. We're waiting until the storm stops before we go to the Beach. Ok, maybe it is the place with the big bar tab I swore I would never go to again. Hell, I swear about shit I never back up, all the time.

I made my first drink of the day here at home today, half way through noon. I should probably not go the beach now. Hell, I can't even find the shirt I wore to the pool brunch yesterday, and it's my favorite.

I also don't know where my wallet is. I'm pretty sure I gave it to Shelbs last night, so not worried.

Yea, I think I better stay home. But she should go! It's Sunday, her day off from a grueling on-line job, and her friend circle is there.

Leave the old man home to hunker down, get buzzed and stoned, watch a movie and write.