It's sure different being here in Pensacola, FL than living in southern Tennessee, or the Rockies of Idaho, or rain in Seattle, or the madness of California.

People are laid back here with a small town but intellectual vibe, even though the roads are too busy for my old mentally damaged mind.

Shelby knows a lot of people here, and I've met a bunch of them lately. I understand why they live here, you can be smart, do your own thing and if you're retiring with some money, have a really great time.

I chatted with some nice friends of Shelby in a great open lunch bar today. He had that smile I notice on a lot of guys down here, he found it (born and raised here, into real estate) and he's thriving on it! His beautiful radiant daughter sat across from him, a junior high gym teacher, I found out later.

A couple nights ago I was chatting with the husband of a lady Shelby was teaching a cocktail mix to. His wife was lovely and he had an angular face, looked like a boss and I asked him what he did. He said he was retiring from management at Coca Cola and they just bought another house in downtown.

We had a drink and chatted, and as we left I said "I bet you were way up there at Coke" and they both laughed as he said "you could say so".

There's a lot of cool people here, I was hanging out with Navy Fighter pilots recently, Homer's a famous artist, and success surrounds me.

So do hot blonds with dogs in their lap.