It's been an interesting progressive day. Took a nice walk this morning with my Tilly hat on, it looks like I've burned the top of my head pretty bad with all this sun.

My body is definitely transforming. I don't eat much these days, and the extra pounds are sliding off. I'm also getting real tan but strange dark spots are showing up.

My truck is back, she's starting right up now. I made my first truly independent drive to town for supplies this morning. I stopped at all the signs and lights, and didn't hit anyone.

I feel the new Jim evolving into something, someone, a real man again. My pride has been shattered by the recent crash and burn in Tennessee.

Now, I'm slowly starting to respond more defensively when the subject of how did a formally successful old man, fail to survive in a cheap Southern Tennessee house, and end up so broken, hanging out in his grand-daughters basement?

The absolute truth is, I barely remember most of it. I'm lucky to sit here and write about events today. I keep pissin and moanin about my brain, how it somehow got damaged a few times recently. But I know it's real.

My life has been crazy and out of my control for months now. I don't remember how I got to the point where Shelby was driving me in the dark down to Tampa, FL. What the fuck just happened?

Memories of Tampa and great people, and places are there, just fading. Then I managed to shut down my Tennessee house and get myself and my important stuff here to Pensacola.

Now I just made a successful trip to town...

But I still can't remember this sweet little dogs name... Oh yea, Lexi.