I just felt something crawling down my chest, my eyes were closed as I was nodding off in the Cave. I didn't know what it was, so I swatted it hard.

Turns out it was me, I had drooled, slobbered all over my chest with a big string of saliva, but I killed that thing with a hard swat! It must have been those two gummies sitting on the counter, that I found.

It's very interesting taking so many pills a day, I have never done this in my life, and I honestly don't know what any of them do. But if I miss my evening pills, my right arm is killing me in the morning.

But I feel alright and my brain seems intact lately. I keep trying to tell people that my technique for getting through the day involves vodka and pot, plus the pills.

Ok, I know it was a lot of vodka, a little weed, and not giving a flying fuck about my life, that got me here.

But everything has changed with these new meds, they make me feel ok physically, and my mental state is solid.

Shelby deserves the best from me, and I'm trying hard. Just give me the chance to make it work!