It's Wed, middle of June and I keep thinking I should go home, been on the road long enough, then I realize I am home.

Started out with a body painful morning and Shelby bitched me out of it. I say that with love and gratitude. She also had me jump start Jill and I drove her to town for the first time, with Shelby along to make sure the GPS was correct.

Ya know, you spend all that money on a pretty jet blue Mercedes then you can't afford a trip to town...

It's going to be interesting learning this place, it took me half a decade to learn Lawrenceburg, TN. Right now I've got to learn this house as we put it together.

Mechanical, electronic and electrical devices haunt my life lately, it's hard to get things to work. Everything was already headed South before that episode and then bam, my knowledge was gone.

As the weeks advance, my role as house and dog watcher will evolve. Shelby needs to hit the road for work and my job is to take care of the place, and not get Zinny too fat.