I have developed a new layer for my OmjRoute application. It's pretty damned complicated and cool if I do say so. I wrote it to distract me from the collapse of our world around us and my subsequent depression.

I created an SQL query against Data-World's COVID-19 daily extraction which represents the current state of the virus as of 9:00am EST every day. I massaged it into a JSON entity which feeds my map application on demand. It contains the number of occurrences and deaths for each State, which are overlayed on the map.

Here's the Link.

Update: They changed the data up on me, back on track now...

Todays data:

This is why our government is destroying it's own economy in an attempt to stop it...

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the minds of men to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

or to take arms against a sea of oppresion and by opposing, end them.

Steph had the AWD disabled light come on in her 03' Rendezvous. I told her to inspect connectors C305 and C305B at the body pass through for corrosion and if they look good suspect the differential clutch pump actuator check valve. It's under the vehicle in the area behind the driver's seat and is known for getting water on it and causing issues. She said WTF?

What's wrong with women these days, can't handle a simple fix?

The digital TV world we live in interviews a lot of people. The interviewer introduces a person and then asks for their opinion about a subject. I pay attention to the very first word out of a persons mouth for some reason and I find it fascinating actually. In most cases we've never heard this person speak and it's their opportunity to grab our attention and make their point. It's their thirty seconds of fame you might say.

The most common word these days? The conjunctive adverb so. Sometimes they will add a comma and you get a drawn out so..... which allows them to make sure the next words out of their mouth make sense. Sometimes no comma and they drop right down into the subject. Either way, it's fascinating and I urge you to pay attention to this. It is the word of our times.

California in lockdown. Where do all the homeless go when told to stay home?

No toilet paper, I knew I should have bought that bidet stock. Oh, wait...

What happens when the folks that maintain your Internet and TV can't make it to work? The bit-rate sucked on my Spectrum TV service last night.

Meanwhile, dozens of military vehicles have been carrying virus victims across Italy – with morgues too full to hold corpses.

I drove to Huntsville, Alabama today and discovered a horrific scene. All the people there just carried dead bodies around to be buried. At every corner they dug deep pits and those who were poor who died during the night were bundled up quickly and thrown into the pits. In the morning they took dirt and shovelled it over them, and later others were placed on top of them and then another layer of dirt, just like making lasagne with layers of pasta and cheese. There were some pits that were barely covered and dogs dragged the bodies out and ate them.

It was just like the bubonic plague of 1346 where 60% of the people in Europe died. Thank god I live in Tennessee.

I just threw one of my pretentious, better then thou, bullshit positions out the window this morning. I used to love to say I haven't taken a pill of any kind for many years because it's been true and it somehow made me feel superior to all of the other sad pill-popping fools in the world.

The top of my poor bald head was throbbing when I woke up this morning. I was recovering from the Basal Cell removal surgery a couple of months back, that still hurts like hell, when I went in yesterday and had a Squamous Cell removed. So, I found those three heavy duty pain pills that I've been holding on to for years, and took one. I could have taken two or I could have just knocked myself on my ass and taken all three, but I just took one.

How do I feel? It worked, the pain is still there, but dulled to a manageable throb. Hopefully the destruction of one of my prized moral positions does not lead to the demise of others.

Something is in the air, and it smells like martial law. My dermatologist wasn't too concerned as he sewed up my head again after slicing off the last bit of cancer today. I guess he's too busy to notice the writing on the TV networks wall.

I'm sitting here in my little house at the end of a dead-end street in a small southern Tennessee town and I feel the vibration rippling across the country. I'm sensitive to vibrations in things and people, a physic ability I don't talk about much, but now I feel it on a bigger scale. The States are freaking out and I think dramatic notices are close to being announced. Riley just clued me into a rumor about Washington State but I'd already felt the vibe. Be ready folks.

I'm stocked up, guns loaded, truck is ready as I just canceled a road trip, and I still have power and internet, so I'm sending this post out. Hopefully it won't be my last for a while.

Man, I picked a hell of a time to plan a road trip :-) My truck is packed, primed and ready to roll. Steph agreed to set up residence in my little house to watch my cat, and I have plenty of TP and supplies here. Then I wake up, turn on the TV and hear that states are going to be putting up roadblocks at their state lines to take temperatures before allowing people to enter. What a logistical nightmare that's going to be.

To top it off all the talking heads on TV are saying if your over 65, keep your ass home. In other words, guys like me trying to drive across the country are going to be perceived as the enemy. Damn it all to hell.

Actually, to really top it off, my cat Piper gave me a shiner this morning. We have a cuddle position on my bed where she likes to plop her big old belly down on my hand. It's very endearing, until the arthritis in her back acts up and she jumps straight up in the air and one of her claws caught me in the eye. It's good that my eyes were closed or I might have lost one. As it is I have a puncture wound in my lower lid and the area is starting to turn black.

Afternoon update: Sorry governors, but I need to drive. You can chastise and harass me for doing so but I'm one of the most legal people I know. I'm a U.S. citizen with roots in this country going back to it's founding. I have no warrants, I've passed an FBI fingerprint background check, I had my ID run through the entry gate at Camp Pendleton, and I have a commercial drivers license and a passport. If the only thing you can get me on is driving while over seventy during a pandemic with a black eye from my cat, then have it.

Evening update: After dwelling on this a lot I have decided to get off my high horse, settle down, and stay put. The world doesn't need an old man running around in an old truck looking like a zombie with his blackened eye possibly spreading shit from one state to the next. If we all make it to summer, I'll travel then. Over and out...