Spent time with my son Riley, wife Jess and my grand-daughters here in NW Washington State yesterday, and it makes me very glad to be alive.

Jess had the day off so we went to a small fair in downtown Orting, and here's Aerilla feeding Taleigh, it don't get sweeter than that.

And later on, the older red-head and I painted a bird feeder together.

Riley mowing his back yard

Something happened to me, over the last 2.5 days. I was knocked out and slept most of that time.

Shelby didn't worry about me, and we live together. My rare limited family and friends weren't concerned, But I was a bit wondering about it myself.

My brain was damaged more than a month ago, and now things gotten twisted around in comical ways.

Yesterday I had to explain to my roommate how a soaking wet load of clothes had ended up in the dryer and was running at full heat without fucking drying out my clothes. And these are the ones I'm taking to Seattle tomorrow. All fixed, btw...

Today I shifted from this North Florida home and back to my family in the North Washington State area, for a week.

It should be a loving emotional fun visit with my son Riley and his family, while living and blogging from his great home back in Washington state.

Jess has setup some games for me to play with the girls, sounds like healthy fun, especially since my brain is running like a two year old!

Shelby got me packed and down to a local busy airport near Pensacola and I flew up to the beautiful town of Charlotte, NC.

From there I was to transfer for a flight to SeaTac, WA. but the thunderstorms changed everything. We sat for more than an hour before they unseated us into a crowded boarded area.

Then they got some fresh pilots and put us back on the same plane. Now we're waiting on stewardesses, and we're still at the airport.

We're trying to fly, the storms have stopped and my family doesn't know what to do with me when I arrive!

Due to a continual lack of crew we didn't get out of there until late the next morning, in the same jet we reboarded three different times.

Riley finally hooked up with me about 0400, took me back to his house for a couple hours of sleep and then drove back to his Auto Body shop right next to SeaTac.

I finally met my incredably beautiful new grand-daugter this morning (well, next to her older syster) who's stunning me with her smarts and amazing red hair. She's also demanding that ninteen comes before twenty. Well, fine with me!

The two girls names are Aerilla = r + e + ella (the oldest) and Taleigh = ta + lee (the newest).

Riley heads to his autobody shop early in the morning while Jess runs her at home business, from a home office, while raising the girls during the day.

They have done amazing for themselves and I'm real proud. I figure the next few mellow days hanging out with them should settle my poor damaged mind down, in a good way.

I was laying on the front porch a bit ago, soaking up some sun, as it was chilly inside the house. I was laying sideways watching a few cars drive up a small on ramp when I heard a roar down the road.

Suddenly five blue jets in formation, with one off to the side, came roaring in front of me, a hundred feet away, fifty off the ground. WTF!

I've always loved the Angels, Shelby's dated a couple, but to have them cruise by the front porch while I'm trying to nap, I don't know about this Florida stuff...

It's 5pm Central time here in, whatever town this is, which is funny as it matches my old Tennessee time.

Shelby and I have rolled through Stop signs all morning, taking care of business around town. We did a shop at the Publix, and then unpacked a bunch of stuff from the previous place in Tampa.

Some great hand drawn get well cards arrived from my west-coast grand-daughters, which I'm seeing next week.

I even canceled a couple of Tennessee services over the phone and online, working on canceling medical ones now. It's been a good Florida day.

Writing this Post in my new shared home with my beautiful grand-daughter as she preps for guaranteed company this Spring, is real fun.

I just wish we had a couple AA batteries to fix my mouse, writing a Post with a Trackpad sucks.

I have a new life down in Pensacola, FL. Shelby has become the primary tenant of a sweet two bedroom place, within walking distance to downtown and the ocean, and I'm renting one of the bedrooms.

I spent the day gathering my stuff from the old Tennessee garage and other places, while putting together my new bedroom/office.

Shelby's out working the social scene at the big Parade tonight. Three different restaurant owners of popular places on the Strip approached our table last night, and bought drinks. They loved her and were glad she was back.

Daniel said they cut the fucking robe off my naked body on the ground in front of the ambulance before we all drove to Columbia while Daniel stayed behind having a heart attack, his stint was put in and I've lost track. They dropped me off somewhere, my grand-daughter Shelby was called and I am still alive, thanks to her.

I flew from Tampa, FL to Lawrenceburg, TN, via Nashville yesterday and I'm sitting alone in my old place at 1135. Massey and Daniel got me here from the airport.

It's now Sunday and I've made huge progress today. I slid my truck back out of the carport then started putting items from my house out to the piles forming in my wide open carport.

The idea is to make a sign with "Free Stuff" on it and stick it out on the highway tomorrow. I should get a lot of business and maybe connect someone with a needed part.

The stuff that always follows my life remains in a nice stack in the corner. The way I see it is, folks take what they want, I move my important stuff to a small humble life at Shelby's new place in Pensacola, and hopefully I'll see you all before we die.

I've had a half dozen physical therapists tell me over the last two weeks, that I'm in ok shape. But for some reason I'm being pushed around all over the Airport, port to port, plane to plane, seat to seat, in a wheel chair tomorrow. My old body needs the VIP treatment, apparently.

Daniel and Massey will grab me mid-morning at Nashville and bring me down to the house. It should be an interesting process as we navigate through the reality of the bullshit that brought me down, and to celebrate my movement forward.

And my thanks to the nurses that brought my mind back, and reintrodeced me to what is real. And also reminded me how fast a great speedboat is!

There's a funny fast little car hanging out in Shelby's parking lot. I notice that fast cars roar away from stop lights at high speed around here all the time. It's something I never heard back in Tennessee, a sound that would make every cop car in the county show up.

Shelby had one of those big sales events to attend tonight, so in celebration of getting my images going again, here's my G/D off to sell stuff tonight, caught her on the way down the steps.