Melissa dismissed Flickr to Steph the other day, saying she knew nothing about it. I found this very interesting that her generation is so caught up in the latest social media buzz that Flickr could have passed them by.

Yahoo! acquired Flickr from a start-up group in 2005. I was involved with Yahoo! doing mapping stuff so it came into my radar and I signed up as a Pro user (unlimited) and have been hosting my photo collection there for years. Both of my blogs link directly to my photos there.

SmugMug acquired them last year and other than some cosmetic changes, the service is still solid. Stats for Flickr are somewhat secretive but this is what I've uncovered:

 • 75 million registered photographers across 63 countries.

 • 10 billion photos in their database.

 • Millions of photos are uploaded daily.

These are significant numbers!

Sometimes you just want an older person to walk up, put their arm around your shoulder and tell you everything's going to be alright. It sucks when you're the oldest guy around and there's no older arm in sight. The irony is, I'm also now an old guy with an arm, and no shoulders in sight.

I had a good Thanksgiving. At first I thought it would be one of those hunker down events I seem to be having a lot of lately but Steph dropped by with dinner (M/D's fish sandwiches) and we had a nice time. Cleanup was minimal as it all went back into the bag from which it came and I hung out with my two remaining close friends (Piper was there of course). Another one down...

I was testing out my new search code in the app today so I typed "oldmanjim" and searched across the billions of Flickr photos and it found just one. This is the only photo in my Flickr collection that has this name in it. The uniqueness of my brand are apparent and the implications are immense.

“To be caught happy in a world of misery is the most despicable of crimes” — Virginia Woolf

I have some cool looking cellular vegetables growing in the garden on the top of my head. It's taken decades of sunshine to get this crop going and now it's finally here!

I call this one Mela Cove cause it looks like you could land a boat there.

I'm an old lonely depressed man. I live in a little place at a curve in Shoal Creek down in southern Tennessee. I am not surrounded by friends and I rarely even speak to anybody here on this dead end street.

I have everything I need to get by comfortably and my days are spent writing code and spoiling my old cat. Some days I feel like I'm making a difference and some days I feel like I'm fading away.

But you know what? I'm really glad to be here and living it!

Earth to Jim! Earth to Jim! The scientists say it's too risky to try, but if you don't, we all die, so there is no choice.

It has to be done! There, I pushed the button and...

I see these TV commercials lately where the old guy my age sits in an easy chair surrounded by generations of siblings, exchanging smiling glances with the grand kids and Moma rubs his shoulder while the Lawrence Welk Show plays in the background. Am I rambling?...

I was boring deep into the Flickr inerverse today, testing the exploritory powers of my new app when an image landed on my screen so hard it knocked me back in my chair.

Meanwhile, my evening creation:

The kids dropped by this afternoon to enjoy my mellow leafy yard. They were moving too fast for picture taking but I got a few shots. Sometimes the emotion of the shot is more important than the quality. Click the photo below to see them.

And me climbing a small tree here: