While walking the creek lately I've noticed this object stuck in a ripple. It's been there for three days now, unable to escape as forces from both sides keep it trapped. I thought about making this a comparison to my existence, but couldn't make the stretch...

I'm not stuck, I make a daily conscious decision to be here, until I don't.

Ten million Americans who were employed in February remain without a job and 60% of businesses closed because of Covid will never reopen. Now, China is issuing debt at negative interest rates, taking cash out of western economies as they try to recover, and theirs is the only major economy in the world expected to grow in 2020. Well played, and with Joe in their pocket, checkmate...

Here's a couple shots from the past, Riley at a Seattle car show and me hanging with the Sunlight Foundation folks in Phoenix after placing second in their nationwide programming contest.

I rode up to the huge Manheim auto auction lot today to bring some vehicles down to Lawrenceburg.

My Galaxy Watch 3 45mm counts every step, monitors my heart and tells me I sleep too much.

...and then I go to take a shower and there aint no water.

The battle against darkness and tremors rages on. Nameless people pass through my life. I walk in circles by my creek, clean and sober, just to stay alive. No one really knows me, or cares to. It's time to say good night.

I drove to David Crockett State Park this morning to find a hiking trail and hooked up with a stranger for a hike. We got half way up a hill and just sat down and talked, turned out she rode on the tubing bus with me twice last summer. She took my picture, I took hers, and never got her name.

Back home, neighbor Daniel brought over a couple of cool old things he just found, a 1945 pressure gauge and a 1900 house electrical meter. Good day!

Albert Erway (1/11/1811) was the father of Mark Erway who was the father of Maude Erway who was the mother of Janice King who was my mom. He was my great great grandfather and lived to be my age now. Mark lived to the age of 98.

Backstory: Albert was a rancher and businessman famous for getting down to his last dime a few times and always bouncing back (sounds familar) and Mark was the head stagecoach driver for the Sparks to Virginia City run (sounds familiar).

Printed photographs are becoming rare. I've been a serious photographer for fifty years, investing a small fortune in equipment (Nikon guy), taken tens of thousands of photos, and now I'm down to just a few.

The secret to keeping your photos and equipment intact is to never leave your house, but then all you would have is pictures of your house! I had all of my equipment stolen one day back in Oakland, CA by friends of my daughter Becky who were partying there when I was at work. Never did recover it. I had my entire photo collection, with the exception of a few prints, burned up in a fireplace by Riley's jealous mom, when I was at work.

Now I live alone, in a digital age, and I suppose that is for the best...

I've collected a lot of great photos of my boy Riley as we adventured through his young life, along with some cool craft stuff. I realized that I needed to get this stuff into his hands, it's his legacy, so I created a book.

Shipping it off to the kids shortly and btw there's a back story. I tormented Riley for years with the shots of him in the tub with the girl, and I did it one last time here :-) Now you can destroy them son!