It's been an interesting day down here in Pensacola FL and it's sister city, Gulf Whatever. Shelby drove us up and around the Peninsula coastline and it's a damn pretty place.

We picked up Stormy's boy to help with the hard labor of setting up our house with the stuff in the garage. Everything got done today and it looks great.

The goal was to line the left side of the garage with the TV and exercise bike, with my tables and chairs on the right. It works great and it feels like my place back home in Tennessee now.

I'm sure this space will evolve as we enjoy and change everything around. Shelby and I butt heads all the time, on many issues, but we blend on this.

The garage door remains open all day, I've met a couple neighbors, hey, it's the garage. I'm the great Shelby Hamilton's grand-father, I'm a great man in my own right, we share success!

Both garage doors are open, it's rainy, and nice... I smell the ocean, I need to get there. Love to all.