I got an invite to go to the beach again yesterday. I can't remember over the past years when I got an invite like that two days in a row, so I said yea.

I had fun, got a professional back rub, I'm a bit blacker and $140 poorer (I think I got the tab).

I should have stayed home and took care of the dogs, apparently they hired someone to do that last night.

I feel like shit, my bodies reacting to the lack of food, (my chosing) and the abuse of other things. The garage door is half open and it's over a hundred degrees in here. Meanwhile it's freezing inside Shelby's house, she likes the air cranked down cold.

Someone is sending PDFs to my phone and it wanted to install a reader. I said ok then it wanted to install a desktop organizer. Fuck this shit, if you send me a PDF it ain't getting read. I helped Adobe create this format decades ago, ain't this ironic.

I'm beginning to look for a shell and ask my landlord for my shotgun back...

We're going shopping in a bit, I need a protein drink!

Shelby just set a tasty plate of rice and chicken down in front of me, guess I've got energy for the store now, and somehow my phone is back alive, as am I.