It was a fun Saturday at Pensacola Beach on a hot sunny day. Shelby and I arrived about noon, in her beautiful blond girfriends Lexus, with the friend as passenger and me in the back. The boats were pouring into the harbor with gusto and the party was on.

Our buddies boat was the biggest and loudest, and I think he won. In the process of moving from the dock through the water to his boat, I thought I heard Shelby say just stick your phone in your pocket, it's waterproof.

I'm noticing that as my brain declines, I hear things as I want to hear, not as they are. Which was the case with the phone, I thought I had killed it, when everyones eyes on the boat got big as I pulled it from my bathing suit pocket, but it came back this morning, thank god.

I had a dog visitor on my bed last night, so I had them both secured down in the man cave this morning, sitting on my lap, when the girls burst in all laughing and giggling at the sight.

I like girls, especially when they're still in their nighties looking for their dogs...