My boy Riley's mom, Colleen, is in a Washington state hospital with a serious respiratory disease that may be the end for her. I talked to Riley yesterday and asked him to extend my love to her.

In the early eighties my friend Steve Smith invited me over to his shop in Oakland to check out his new Apple computer, it was the first to hit the market and I was the computer guy.

One of his employees was a petite fiery redhead named Colleen Bangert. We hooked up later that night at a party at Steve's house, and began a decades long relationship.

It was a wild ride, and I enjoyed most of it. We had many crazy times together, like the time I kicked her out of my little white sports car in the middle of the Mexican desert, and drove off. Obviously, I came back.

I was right outside that hospital room when Riley was born and placed in my arms. I was so grateful to Colleen for giving me one more chance to be a dad. We eventually split as a couple, but I stayed on as his proud father.

I remember opening a box of old photos when Steph and I arrived in Idaho. One picture stood out, a hot redhead standing on a beach in a little red bikini, and Steph said "Who's this?"

When I told her it was Colleen, her jaw dropped, hell my jaw dropped, I forgot how hot she was.

Now her moment of leaving here is near. I congratulate her on a good life, and for being a good mother. I look forward to seeing her on the other side.