I've created a cool concept today that I call the Logo Cube. It has six sides: front, back, left, right, top and bottom. Here it is with all six sides at 0.7 opacity, being built one side at a time and then unbuilt:

It's now the site header with each side a decreasing level of opacity.

Here it is with all six sides at full opacity:

I have some cool animals that live along the creek and frolic in my backyard: Two busy squirrels, a fat groundhog (used to be two), a big armadillo, and a red fox with a bushy tail as big as it's body.

When I opened the door at 0430 this morning to let Piper out we both spotted the fox on the road under the street light. Piper wasn't fazed at all as it took off to the back, like they've crossed paths in the nights before.

I have no plan, parkinson's is kicking my ass and my website project is at a standstill. Despite that, I gave my life an eight yesterday while talking to Steph. I have shelter, technology, supplies, a great old truck and a great old cat. Just chilen.

btw: This blog has been spasmodic lately, a function of the process known as my old brain. So many memories always flooding in from every corner and I try to convey them (because this is a blog :-) but sometimes it gets too personal and I have to step back. Sorry.

I've finally taught Piper how to kiss. She learned years ago to just plant a big lick on my forehead when she wanted a treat and I've been slowly ramping that down, rewarding her more for the soft touch. Today she planted the sweetest little kiss in the middle of my forehead that I swear were just her lips. Heart melted...

My day to day goal is to stay alive. Writing code in the company of my cat, helps.

Riley and Brian wanted their logo on a black background as the header and I gave it to them. Brian sent me a .pdf of their logo so I opened it, captured it, resized it and created a sweet transparent .png image. Then I centered it inside an almost black container and voilĂ !

Ya know how a traditional website link takes you directly there? Well, I'm playing around with a fun little concept that I call trick links. Here's an example: In my latest project I have an item in the main menu called "Photos", and to create a trick link to it all I have to do is go monarchc.com/photos

The site is loaded up, the menu item "Photos" is lit up, and then everything pauses for a magic second so the viewer can see where we're going, and then the site slides on down to "Photos".

This works for every menu item...

People are accusing me of sluffing off by taking stupid pictures of my cat and a cup. They say I should be doing something meaningful with my precious time because I'm old and I could be dead tomorrow.

Truth is (and I can do this with one arm around my cat and a straw in my mouth) I registered a new domain for Riley's business this morning and ported over all the code I've been creating, and then set the domain live.

The company is called Monarch Collision Center. They seem to often drop the Center so I've just taken Monarch, added a "c" at the end, and come up with monarchc.com. I think it's catchy and easy to say, monarch with a c .com.

Riley is running it past his partner now. If they don't like the new name, or the look, then I still have a great template for someone else and I'm out $10 to buy the domain name.

Here you go: http://monarchc.com

I am now the proud owner of a Flora-Bama Silicon Tie Die Tumbler. My new travel cup from Taylor just arrived and I've got a green silicon straw around here to match. I'll use it on my upcoming Austin adventure!

Update: She fits right on in and works great!

Even with Piper back.