I'm in a dark place but all I have to do is remember the taste of a fresh cut coconut on the deck of a beachfront condo on a tropical island to lighten things up.

Various signs around Caye Caulker and San Pedro, Belize.

Happy Fathers Day son.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on Secret Beach, San Pedro Belize when a few storm clouds rolled in and I thought, hmmm. The next morning when I got up it was raining and coming down pretty good but it was warm and refreshing so I walked through it up to the main street where a vendor made me some fresh coffee in a pan. We were flying out shortly so I didn't care if it was raining.

As I watch the weather now I see that tropical storm moving up across the gulf towards the states and realize I was right there when it formed. Small world. The temp here in Tennessee is a balmy eighty with low humidity and I can only imagine the hell Arizona is in now.

I remember well a road trip few years back where I scooted along the Death Valley border with Arizona in my truck in the summer with no a/c and the thermometer read 119. No thanks, once is enough.

It looks like this storm is going to veer to the south of us, which is just fine. Now if I can just find a cat sitter I can get a few road trips in this summer.

Cuckoo bird at the Belize zoo.

Threw some stuff together here, from San Pedro island:

Here's a cruise around Caye Caulker island from the reverse perspective of the back of a golf cart:

Here's a little video of the ride back to Caye Caulker in the water taxi after the Cave Tubing day. Sit back and smell the salt air from the front of the boat.

And this is some really long hair on a Caulker girl, from the bar above the street:

Local bar across from our hotels on Caye Caulker.