Here's my son Riley with my decades long friend Beryl, thirty six years ago.

Update: I just got a text from Beryl in Hawaii and she said: Omg I looked at the picture before I read the caption and thought "That looks like me". It made my day!


Here's Shelby, Kim, Riley and Shelly in Oakdale, CA.

Man, the things you see on TV these days. Always Ultra Thin, goodby gush fears! Gordon Ramsey looking for earthworms in huge piles of rhino shit to make a meal for a Zulu king.

Heading out this morning with Daniel on an empty stomach and one drink in, to Hinie's for a build your own Bloody Mary brunch.

Just got back, what a joke. Service sucked, everyone that worked there had an attitude, food was mediocre. And the build your own bloody mary thing was blotched because our young waitress insisted that everything was back at the bar. No sweety, you bring the glass and the vodka to our table first.

They took the young thing off our table after that, and more than five different people showed up while we ate, trying to handle Daniels request for freeze wrapped ribs from the back.

Finally, some frumpy old lady disappeared with our debit cards into the back for more than fifteen minutes. omfg.

This was my second visit here since Hinie's opened a couple years ago, both have sucked, and I will not be back.

But, I have to say, the Mary I put together kicked my little Hinie! Every sip had me gasping for breath and rolling my eyes back into my head!

If the video fails to load, click Here.

Tony kicked our asses in Poker again last night, and we almost finished that bottle of Irish Whiskey. I like Tony, he's a big ol Southern boy. He does what Daniel does, school maintenance, just in a different county.

The fact that Daniel's trying to get him to shorten his commute and come work with him here, speaks volumes for the guy. Daniel's a perfectionist with his work quality, which is heating, air, electrical, and every other thing that could go wrong in a large fourteen school district.

But Tony ain't sold yet, he's looking closely at his options, while beating us again in Poker. It's a real hoot to hang out with intelligent craftsmen, we shared stories and laughed hard.

Daniel said I was really out there last night, which means I was talking sex, and Tony was cracking up while Daniel covered his head and shook it in dismay. Hey, when you drink a lot of sipping whiskey with OldManJim, on top of everything else, you get the real deal.

At least I was dressed, my dishes were done and my bed was made! I'm back in my robe now, waiting for Moses to drop by. Daniel and his wife Jen are heading to Tractor Supply to buy overalls this morning and he offered to drop my rent check off at Four Sons Auto.

It's a rainy dismal day, I have nowhere to go, and I may not make it out of the robe!

Oh boy, I'm in trouble now. Daniel just called me and said he and Tony are coming over tonight for a poker game, and I need to buy the whiskey, because we drank all of his last night.

It's 1300, I'm still in my robe, drunk and stoned, and a couple of friends want to play whiskey poker at my place tonight!

Hmmm, and I got to eat. Guess I'll put a TV dinner in, get dressed, and do my dishes!

All done! And I have determined that the Marie Callender's Kansas City Style Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese Bowl, is my favorite frozen meal. Kroger's was out of them for a month, I should have grabbed more than two.

Daniel brought by sippin whisky last night. It was that Irish stuff we had at the poker game a while back, and it was dammed good.

I didn't go to bed until 0230 and then I slept until 0900. What kind of grown ass man lives like this?

I thought of going out for breakfast, or lunch, then I made me a drink, fired up the pipe, and I've been sitting here watching lesbian porn all morning.

Some people say I don't have a life! Especially while I'm still in my robe as noon approaches and I haven't yet eaten, but I beg to differ!

Every time I roll out of bed and plant my bare feet on my rented wooded floor, I shout "Fuck Yea!". I've survived another day and I'm ready to start a new one!

The only plans I had today was to pay my rent and mail an envelope. Maybe tomorrow...

It's Friday Dec 1. Riley's birthday is the 9th, it's 24 days until Christmas, and I'm still alive, fuck yea...

I'm refining my Tuna Bean Slabs recipe. You start with one can of the best tuna you can get, you know, solid white albacore in water. For a personal batch, I mix the drained tuna up with mayonnaise nicely, with a little seasoning.

Then I add two boiled eggs and continue mixing until it becomes tuna/egg sandwich mix. But here's my new twist! I add about five spoonfuls of Bush's barbecue beans, draining the liquid off as I spoon and blend them into the mix.

Meanwhile, I've got these little hamburger buns that I bought at Dollar General during the Thanksgiving crash and burn. I split a couple in half and put them on the small grill, and I'm air frying them.

Just when they start to look toasty, I pull them out. Then I spread the mix on the four buns. You will still have a bowl of Tuna Bean left that can handle you another round.

Then you stick the tray back in the air fryer, but wait, you got options! You could add anything you want to these little sliders as they make their last trip in. Cheese? Crushed garlic?

Watch the edges of the bread through the window, when they brown, they're done.

I eat them on a paper towel on my cutting board right below my little air fryer, with a knife and fork.

Tuna Bean Slabs!

Sitting around my big TV with the surround sound cranked way up, front door wide open and crying to Country Music. Powerful performances move me emotionally, wether it's music, acting or life. I cry easy, and I don't believe that emasculates me in the slightest.

I invited my old wild haired buddy Moses to come over this afternoon, haven't heard back. Hoping to see his big old white vehicle roll into view.

My other friend, who goes by friend in this blog, dropped by earlier. We adjusted the mood, then I read him some posts he missed, and he wanted to smell the blanket on my bed!

I'm scanning my old brain for the word that describes that fabricated post of hooking up with two local girls for a grand. Oh yea, factitious, but that might be perceived as a sexual position by my friend.

Actually the guy is very smart, lots of knowledge under his belt, he lives life right on the edge, and survives. His hobby is tormenting spam callers, he's great at it, and he get's a lot of them.

Not that I don't enjoy the few guys that still call me friend, but my house could sure use some female energy. Not on a sexual level, although I wouldn't complain, but women bring something amazing to this party called life, that men don't. And I miss it.

That Florida plate reader scam is really something. Somehow I ended up in a special toll lane while visiting my grand-daughter down in Tampa recently, and I got an invoice in the mail for using it.

The lane is called a SunPass lane and it's for the rich folk that can afford their per mile fees, which are being logged by an intricate Big Brother license plate scanning system.

My fine was $4.82 for a three mile errant lane selection, of which $2.50 was an Administrative Charge. This racket is earning Florida $.58 per mile for every vehicle using that lane.

When I went to their website to pay, there was a full sign up page where they wanted all of my banking and personal data. Screw that, just let me settle it with PayPal and move on!

So mailing them a check is the only option, but I wrote a to do list on the front of the return envelope, oh well, and then I have to take it downtown to get it stamped and mailed. Maybe tomorrow...

As to getting my Feet Done, Daniel suggested I go see a Podiatrist about my feet, which don't get much attention these days. Yea, maybe tomorrow...

There was this tall beautiful young blonde working in Kroger's this morning, about twenty. I approached her and asked if I could enjoy her body for an hour on my bed, without penetration, unless she wanted it, for $500?

She asked, can I bring a friend?

They showed up at noon and the Kroger girl was still in uniform, while her girlfriend was in tight jean shorts and a sweater. I've had some amazing three ways in my long life, but I had to use mild force to get my face in there for sloppy seconds, on both sides, and both ends! Damn, best thousand dollars an hour I've spent in a long while!

I realize that I have a dark side, I'm pretty sure everyone has. It's that place where sharing is impossible. I think there should be a dark side scale from zero to nine with the top being the crazy's of the world, and the bottom being Jesus.

I'm logging in at 2.3.

Shelby and I are scaling back our wild Christmas cruise plans. Prices are high at the moment, and she has no accrued vacation time with this new job, and it just doesn't feel right.

So we're backing away from the cruise, for a while. I told her I was even fine with going through these holiday's alone, which is usually what happens anyway. I said she should hang out with friends.

Then she told me something that set a light bulb off in my head, and explained a lot about my beautiful complex grand-daughter. She said "Christmas is meant for family. Not friends."

So, if she stayed home in Tampa, she would be alone for Christmas. She wanted to be with her sister in Dallas, but their were dog issues.

All of my 14 grand-children from my daughter Becky are scattered all over, and there's only a few that I think she keeps close contact with.

Shelby and I have formed an amazing bond. If she want's to spend holiday time with family, I'm it! I remember that great home cooked Thanksgiving dinner in her small kitchen in Pensacola, with the local artist, Homer Jolly.

She needs family, she needs to know her heritage. I would love to scoop her up and take her back to Idaho, meet her family. We had epic meals at my sisters amazing log home just across the Wyoming line at the base of the Grand Tetons.

She had a huge kitchen and a beautiful long wooden dining table. The crew would consist of my sister, her kids Brian, his beautiful blond twin sister, and their younger sister, sweet Elizabeth. Along with our partners and kids.

I actually have wonderful memories about those times, and I think my sister has the same Family gene as Shelby...

Unfortunately, my nephew Brian was just telling me that over the last five years that Steph and I left the Valley, the holidays are getting lost.

Sis sold her mansion and moved into the Valley, and it just sounds like epic meals are no more...

I just told Shelby that maybe we could pick a place halfway between our towns that has a Christmas dinner going on. Book motel rooms early and that I would meet her there. It could be a fun blog worthy adventure!

btw: If you would like to see our 2016 Christmas, click here.