I've had a half dozen physical therapists tell me over the last two weeks, that I'm in ok shape. But for some reason I'm being pushed around all over the Airport, port to port, plane to plane, seat to seat, in a wheel chair tomorrow. My old body needs the VIP treatment, apparently.

Daniel and Massey will grab me mid-morning at Nashville and bring me down to the house. It should be an interesting process as we navigate through the reality of the bullshit that brought me down, and to celebrate my movement forward.

And my thanks to the nurses that brought my mind back, and reintrodeced me to what is real. And also reminded me how fast a great speedboat is!

There's a funny fast little car hanging out in Shelby's parking lot. I notice that fast cars roar away from stop lights at high speed around here all the time. It's something I never heard back in Tennessee, a sound that would make every cop car in the county show up.

Shelby had one of those big sales events to attend tonight, so in celebration of getting my images going again, here's my G/D off to sell stuff tonight, caught her on the way down the steps.

Sat, the 25th of May, I will leave Tampa, FL via Southwest Airlines and arrive in Nashville, TN, a bit after 1100 that morning.

They're going to give me the VIP treatment and transport me from arrival gate, to departure gate, hooking up with Daniel in a wheelchair, at the curb.

I will return to my place and divide the good from the gone. There will be a few things I will keep and carry on to my new life in Pensacola. The rest goes to the world, or the dump.

If I have any friends left, come on down and we'll play in the sugary soft sand of the intercoastal Gulf of Mexico.

I've had this neurological event occur to me over the decades I call the Jaggies. It surrounds my brain like a dark envelope, and electrical lightning like charges come shooting down from this cloud.

The first ones were really intense and I would have to take myself out of bus driving service, and later as a Supervisor I just parked on the highway for a half an hour.

As the years progressed, they would only happen a couple of times a year. Today marked the sixth day in a row. Not major, just enough to be glad I'm not living life at the moment.

People have been scanning my head with machines hard lately, and to each person I mention these Jaggies. I've not had a single response, it's like it doesn't fit into their training so they just say hmmm...

Sitting here at Shelby's in Tampa, and it's beginning to feel like home. I arranged the center into a bed for me with our workstations on the plush center piece by her lounge chair, overlooking the pool.

Listening to Shelby talking and laughing about travel deals she's just made over the phone with friends, is fun.

Today's a tough day. Since my mind is still not working well I tend to make poor decisions, like using my local Tennessee debit card on some purchases last night, and overdrew my account.

My SS goes into my account back in Idaho and it's the one I use the most. Anyway, I called my local bank this morning and left an apology message on a managers voice mail. Hopefully they will shut that account down, summarize the mistakes I've made, and allow me to settle with them when I get back to ...

Damn, it just took me fifteen seconds to remember I still live in Lawrenceburg, TN. It's a rainy day down here in Tampa, I'm hanging out watching the sweet small dog while my grand-daughter's out saving my ass.

I have determined that I performed some error to my image base software when I went down at my place with the shiner more than a month ago. Something's now very wrong with the code and my brain, and I'm incapable of fixing it.

I was in the pool at Shelby's playing Poker today on a floaty thing, when I got some photos sent to my phone, by a lady sitting pool side, but I don't know how to process them.

Shelby checked my Credit Score out online and it seems I have none. Zip, nada, zero.

I've never used Credit in my life, which means I've also never had any bad Credit in my life, which should be a good thing!

The only way to get a drink in this bar, is to beg, other than that, I love it here!

I've had an interesting morning as Shelby drove me to the brain doctor for a Cat Scan. They needed an approval from my doctors up at Maury Regional in Tennessee, (along with $50). They got both and I got scanned, big time.

They inserted colorful stuff into the big vein on my right arm and maybe I'm just imagining things but I could have sworn that good looking Hispanic doctor and I danced around that lab for a bit.

It was almost as good as flying across the Tampa Bay last Friday in a high speed boat with one arm on the rail while the other clutched my hat. Or the beautiful bodies I notice wrapped in colorful cloth as I get my exercise wondering around this Tampa based swimming pool.

It's a colorful life down here...

Happy Mothers Day to every woman I've ever known. You women are special, in your own unique way. Men think they know you, we don't. Watch out for us that claim they do, except me of course.

As I walked up and down a long carpet between great townhouse layouts today, next to a fancy pool, I thought about Steph. We did Washington, Idaho and Tennessee together for decades. Steph was one of the Special Ones.

Now I'm hanging out with my current Special One, my grand-daughter, Shelby. I got a nice invite to an afternoon brunch today with her friends, lately becoming mine, but I'm just not recovered yet. So I stayed behind and wrote this Post.

I'm really not much of a social animal lately. I was for a while there on Lee St, entertained a few hot people along the way, and made some great friends.

Now it sits empty in Lawrenceburg, TN for an unknown length of time while I try to figure myself out down here. Shelby even cleaned the place as she grabbed up my critical things. I actually hadn't asked them but Daniel knows my life well there and a bunch of my personal items are here in my lap as I crash at Shelby's place on the beach.

Hey, I could sublet it for my landlord Steve. I leave my TV's, a bed, and a well connected internet. Add on an extra c-note for me at the end of the month!

I have a cyber security genius to my East, a baddass guy to my West, well armed. A new person coming into the neighborhood would be fun for these guys, for a month or more.