The boys were hanging out below the bird feeder this afternoon. I assume they're boys, but what do I know?

Maybe they're a couple, and soon we will have bi-racial baby squirrels running around my front yard!

Whatever, I embrace them, love them, and support them. No woke shit here, at the bottom of Tennessee!

OMG Update: My wise friend and neighbor suggested that maybe they are parent and child! This makes so much sense!

Sometimes my house feels like this, but not lately. Moses is still caring for his dad at the hospital up the street, and drops on by. Daniel comes over and gives me a bad time. Last night the two of them met, it was a wonderful clash!

They're Harley guys, both born and raised around here, and maybe someday we can do a charity ride together.

Beats the hell out of:

I've got a new visitor in my yard, it's an albino squirrel! I have two little brown buddies that battle the birds for the feed I put on the board on my porch, and raid the feeder, but this one is new. And very pretty!

It just stuck it's nose into my house to say hi, how cool!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friends at Crockett Shoals Tubing this morning. The tube handling boys are back, and full of it as usual. I got them up to speed with the patching techniques I developed last Summer, and they will do fine.

I met the new driver that Elizabeth hired, his name is Chris and he's a former long-haul trucker. I drove, and showed him the route, along with the various emergency pick-up spots along the creek. He's a nice guy, but I have to say, I only understood half of what he said.

He has a really strong country accent, and I was trying really hard, but when you have spent the bulk of your life on the West Coast, decoding these down home accents is challenging for me sometimes.

I told him that half of his riders would be ladies in bathing suits. He understood and accepted that... I wish him the best and I really hope he works out this Summer. It's a great fun job!

My little dead-end street on Shoal Creek is a great walking area. It's like having a private park, and this spot is a short distance from my front door.

Unfortunately I'm walking like an old man these days. My lower back is locking up on me, and it's difficult to move.

I had a skin cancer thing removed from my chin yesterday, autopsy pending. Then I picked up some circular band aids today to hide the hole in my face.

I'm making myself available to the tubing company tomorrow, get the boys up to speed on the patching techniques I worked up last year, and do some old school bus driving training, if they found someone.

I just want my friends there to know that OldManJim is not up to the speed he has been in the past. If you see me walking funny, understand why. I'm not coming on as a full time employee, just as a consultant, because I like the heck out of all of you.

I told Elizabeth I would be available for driving this Summer if they get in a bind, and I'm in town. I can still drive, I just may be a little slow getting to the seat!

I have no doubt that my baby grand-daughter is going to grow into a beautiful red-headed woman! Hang on, Riley and Jess!

My buddy Moses dropped by today. I'm making a new friend, and it's great. The best way to describe him is real! No bullshit, just pure honesty.

He's a long-haul trucker, been at it for decades, and about to move into a new job driving ash from some process, around a complex to a dumping ground. Four days a week, 0700 to 1300, $200 a day. Plus a fifty dollar bonus for showing up all four days.

His eighty one year old dad is in the hospital right up the road from me. Moses has been texting me his condition lately, and dropped by here today for a break.

He has been at his dad's side since he entered the hospital a couple of days ago. He has bacteria and infection in his blood stream, and they're cleaning him out.

I'm very impressed that my fifty nine year old friend really loves his father! I told him so, and he said his dad taught him everything.

I'll leave it at that...

I got a text this morning from grand-daughter Shelby as she was driving to work. She spotted a big charter bus with Lawrenceburg, TN on the back, and sent me a picture.

These folks are a good sized company, based out of my little town, so I dropped by on the way to a duck feeding, they're just down Buffalo Rd. I walked in the door and was met by a lovely young lady and a nice guy, both behind desks with computer screens.

I told them Shelby spotted one of their busses in DC and they said they have several up there right now. Very nice people and it's a small world!

Here's their website.

I was looking over my YouTube video stats today, and was surprised to see Steph scraping snow off our roof in Idaho came in at 104,902 views, behind Mexican Dancing Horses at 128,377. Next closest was Steph weed whacking at 16,435 views.

It's funny how YouTube videos propagate. That one of me and Madeline feeding the ducks got a whole bunch of hits, and comments. One lady said she had a rough day with nurse exams, had no idea how that video ended up in her feed, but loved it and it made her day.

But the Horses video remains king at views and comments.

Now I'm trying to set a record for most vitamins consumed by a human in a single day. My doctor CJ at the clinic said I need to take vitamins to solve my leg pains, so I researched the best, and bought them on Amazon.

Then I had that cool free CVS offer based on my medical plan, and bought a bunch more.

Now I put them out on a paper plate at night before I crash, and take them all in the morning. I also have two prescriptions for Parkinsons in the mix.


Mexican Dancing Horses

Roof Snow

Weed Whacking

Feeding Company

I got an email the other day offering up a cheap Radar Detector for just a few bucks if you jumped on it right away, so I thought hey, I need one of those, so I jumped.

Then I realized that I had opened that email from my trash and thought Oh No, did I just give my card number to a spammer? Fortunately, I used my local card, so I checked my balance online and saw that $7.97 had been charged.

I immediately called my bank and canceled the card, then requested a new one. None of my bills use that card, so no big deal, and I got the new one the next day.

I figured I was out eight bucks, no big deal, and forgot about it. Then a cheap Chinese radar detector showed up today. Really...

I did some research and learned that most police departments are using Lidar these days, which are laser speed guns, rather than radar. which makes a standard radar detector useless. The unit says Laser on it, but I ain't buying it.

I also learned that some cops use Radar Detector Detectors. They can spot vehicles that use them. I guess I really did waste eight bucks! Besides, I'm an old guy, driving an old truck, and I don't speed, much...