I called the ducks in from the middle of the lake the other day. They obviously didn't like the spot I chose to feed them at and made me get up and move.

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I reached out to the Indian restaurant Chai Pani down in Decatur, GA about dishes that would work for an old man with no teeth. I said I can eat a lot of things but crunchy don't work. What would you recommend?

Here was their response:

Hi Jim!

Thanks for reaching out. The main items I would steer you away from are anything with puri (flour crisps), poha (Indian corn flakes) or sev (chickpea noodles) in their ingredient lists... this is primarily going to be items on the chaat menu.

The Vada Pav, Kheema Pav, Butter Chicken, Saag Paneer, and Uttapams would be good choices. If you like a little bit of spice, the Pav Bhaji is my favorite dish! As an Indian vegetable hash, I think the texture would be perfect for your preference.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! Hope you can join us soon.



Wow, Customer Service don't get better than this, I have to get down there now and eat some Pav Bhaji!

I wish I had someone to go with me, and order a few dishes on that list...

Human skin is such a fragile thing, a really thin layer that holds everything in. It's kinda like our planets surface, holding the fire down below, but volcanos can pop up anywhere.

I don't know what's going on with my body, my earth, that causes eruptions. But they are occurring. I don't know if it's internal or external. I have a big long dark brown area that stretches out from a recent skin cancer removal on my left arm.

I've had a lot of blood work done in the last couple of years, examined by great doctors, and nobody mentioned the C word. But I'm really curious about this shit.

How am I going to fulfill my wish to enjoy a women's body one more time before I die, with sores popping up on my skin? I suppose the solution would be to keep my skin off of hers, and I have hands and a mouth.

Is there any decent woman out there that would be willing to lay down on my bed naked on a warm Fall day with the door open, and be made love to? Just lay back and relax, let me do my thing. I have decades of wonderful sexual experiance under my belt and I can possibly get you off.

No penetration, I could, but thats not the point. I just want to enjoy a woman one more time. Old man sex, close your eyes and fantasize away!

Hey, this blog don't get more real than this...

I was watching a teenage werewolf movie this morning when I decided to have breakfast at Square Forty, before I fed the ducks. Drove over and they were closed. Oh yea, redoing their floors or something.

So the only other option is Pat's Cafe on the other side of town. I've never figured out their schedule and I've been burned. So I decided to call them first, and I got a recording giving me two options. Neither one gave me the ability to talk to a person, or find out if they're open.

So I said what the hell and decided to just go there. Driving through this town at 0730 is crazy, people going to work, school busses, utility trucks.

I knew as soon as I pulled around the corner and saw an emerging empty parking lot, that Pat's Cafe was closed. Then I started to lose it.

Words began gurgling out of my mouth for the first time since last night. After the third time the words began to get clearer and louder, finally I was shouting at the top of my lungs "I Hate This Fucking Town". I really don't, but on that back road leaving Pat's, I lost it.

There really was no place to get breakfast here this morning, so I drove back across town and up to the park to feed the ducks. I had a feeling when I came around the corner and didn't see them in their normal spot, that I was going to get burned.

Sure enough, got out of the truck with the feed bag and walked up and down the dock looking for them, called out into the lake for them, and they were gone. I even slow cruised the lakeshore down to the dam looking for them. Burned again.

I told Daniel last night that I was road tripping to Decatur, GA today. I am so full of shit, hell I just spent the last hour driving around in bullshit traffic for nothing, and there was no way I was going to get my act together for a trip today.

So I came home and cooked myself up some eggs. I was just starting to get back into that werewolf movie, when my friend pulled up front. He decided to smoke a big fat one with me before going to work. Man, it's been a while and I said "hell yea", and that fatty got burned.

My miserable self loathing morning attitude has changed to mellow. The only road trip I'm taking today is up to the Park at noon to look for ducks.

Living life on the floor and having said Fuck It is interesting. I'm near my front door so I can watch my bird feeder. I saw this cute little bird hanging upside down from the wire, waiting for the beautiful red bird to finish eating, then he swooped on down.

Birds and squirrels and chipmunks all get along on my front porch. They respect each other, no squabbles, and the human species should be embarrassed.

I have a pretty good setup here on the floor. Vodka, water and ice are within reach. No food, but that's good, limit the amount of shit I will eventually be laying in. I have my TV clicker here so I can watch it until I can't.

My 77 years of life is replaying itself in my head. Memories that I had long forgotten are popping back up in full HDR.

And the underlying emotions are regret and sadness. What a wasted life! I deserve to be laying on the floor waiting to pass on, to whatever...

To all of the people I loved, and loved me back, Thank You! To all of the people that I hurt and disappointed, I'm so sorry...

Inserting the shotgun into my mouth now, finger on the trigger!

Ok, maybe not... I'm not really laying on the floor, nor am I suicidal. But if I was, this would be my final post.

btw: Three people take their own lives every day here in Tennessee...

I like to eat dinner around 1530, but sometimes I'm so far gone, I forget to eat. I've got one TV dinner in my freezer, a Swedish meatball thing. Hopefully I remember it.

I've got weird skin issues going on, open sores breaking out, certainly wouldn't attract a woman. That's done.

Watching the Titans getting their ass kicked by the Browns, when Daniel comes over and says there is a Pickle Ball game on channel 32. I don't get channel 32 so I'm stuck with Titans losing football.

I can't believe another week has gone by. Nothing has changed with my lifestyle, and it's apparent that nothing will. When nothing changes you fall into survival mode.

But what if your survival skills suck? I'm not taking care of myself, motivation is shot and sometimes I just want to lay down on the floor and say fuck it...

I have a few people that love me, not many. There is nobody In Love with me and nobody I'm In Love with. I miss that emotion terribly, and I'm too old and too far gone to do anything about it.

I really miss young kids in my life. I sat with a little guy at Lake Lindsey the other day and I got the ducks to eat from his hand. His dad was standing way back with his fishing pole in hand, letting his son experience it.

I miss the great-grandkids I will probably never meet.

I fell in love with Steph's grand-daughters, Lily and Lyla, up the road in Summertown. That relationship fell apart and they're all grown up now...

I made a loving connection with the amazing R E Ella last month, my flaming red haired two year old grand-daughter, who lives in Washington State.

I bonded with the sweet baby girl Shelby tried to adopt. It hurt me hard when she lost her to the system. Prudence was her sisters daughter.

I love spending time with my nine year old friend Madeline, looking forward to it in a week or so, but I'm talking about having little kids around you all the time.

It's a wonderful energy and I understand why Steph chose to live the life she did.

Went to the Fair today, alone. Parked next to Legends Express to give some business to the locals. It's $10 outside or in. I tried to get in at the children rate, ended up paying another $10.

I walked around and shot a few photos with my Sony. I forgot my DJI video shooter and phone in my truck. I didn't last long at the Fair.

On the way out I passed my young buddy Hudson who had an entourage of cute teenage girls on his tail, I guess that long hair pays off!

So, back home, thinking about letting my hair grow out...

Daniel mentioned chicken and dumplings to me and the memory of my mom making my favorite dinner when I was a kid, flashed into my mangled mind. It was an amazing dish with big round two inch dumplings, big chicken pieces, and the classic sauce to die for.

I've only found two options for chicken and dumplings in this area. Striker's serves it once a week on Thursday at their early lunch, or I could drive down to Florence, AL to a Cracker Barrel.

Yea me, the cool old guy who was going to road trip hundreds of miles for an Indian meal, is considering driving 80 miles round trip for chicken and dumplings.

I like Florence Alabama. It's the big city next to me, where I go when small towns don't cut it. I love crossing the Dam and hanging out along the Tennessee river. Weather forecast is for 84.

The problem is, the chicken and dumplings at both locations look like shit. This may be the South but they fail on this one! Here's the Cracker Barrel version:

Lame! It looks like a TV dinner. Thanks guys, you saved me a trip.

I found an image of the Strikers plate, (and lost it) but it looked similar, in a bowl with flat dumplings. The South does not know how to make Chicken and Dumplings!

This is what I'm talking about, only with a bigger bowl and lots of chicken.

Some may wonder how I feel about Riley's new family. Raising him knowing I was not his biological father was an honor, an adventure, and some of the finest years I have spent alive.

I held him in my arms at the hospital, straight from a c-section on his mom. I fell in love with him and did everything I could to remain in his life, and I pulled it off!

Now he gets to meet a family he may of dreamed of. Real blood relatives of his father, a very dashing man that went by JP.

They live in Indiana and plans are underway about getting together for a big family reunion in Auburn, CA.

I just talked to Riley and I mentioned that I have a connection with Auburn CA, my grand mothers sister lived there, and I've been there many times.

btw: I'm invited!