I just had this wonderful thought. Wouldn't it be amazing to suddenly be surrounded by all of the important people across your entire life, at their current age, if they're still alive. If they've passed, please join the party from a good place in life.

I'm talking family, friends, lovers, everyone. One big meet and greet before you cross over.

I wish they were all standing here in my living room, meeting each other, talking about this thing called life, as I sit in my chair with the door wide open on a beautiful Tennessee morning. It would be so magical.

I had a cool encounter with a big ol bee today. He flew his elongated body thru my open door, looking for a place to settle, and I said no.

I got him outside, slapped him around just a bit, and fed him some catfish.

I spent my formative years, six to eleven I figure, in a very small town built on the side of a Sierra Nevada mountain. It was twenty miles West of Reno, NV, a few miles over the State line.

My sexual identity was born there, I used to climb the tallest pine trees and float with the wind at the top. We walked more than a mile every morning to Interstate 40, across two major railroad lines, just to catch our school bus to Truckee, fourteen miles a way.

And again, my grandparents played an amazing role in our life! Step dad Paul was a long haul trucker, out making the family survival money. Our grandparents lived just over the Nevada state line, in Reno.

They would come get us when they could. I have so many amazing memories of those times, barbecue beef sandwiches at the drive-in movie, driving through black town where they had no rights, having my grandmother pull me from a public swimming pool because a black kid stepped in.

I saw discrimination early in my life, and I saw it as inhuman and ugly. Now I'm the most non-discriminatory person I know.

I've had several black women in my life, my buddies who have had none, can only drool.

And some of my best male friends in life, have been black.

Daniel and I were talking about boxing today and we both agreed that Mike Tyson is going to kick that punk kid's ass.

I'm a Tyson fan, and a Muhammad Ali fan. What an epic fight that would have been. I've met Ali in person, talked to him, touched him, but not Mike. That would be a tough one to call.

I remember a Summer that changed my life. I was a teenaged pimply faced kid, growing up in Paradise, CA.

My grandfather, Jack King, was my mentor. He loved me and took me with him whenever he could. An amazing man, gold miner, entrepreneur, gambler and a sign painter.

We were somewhere in Central Northern California, checked into a motel for a week while he painted a sign locally. There was a pool, it was Summer, and I lived there with my feet in the water.

One night we watched a boxing match on the little motel TV. It was Ali and somebody, he floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee, and won.

So did I, the Sun and the chlorine cleared my face up, I had a strong male figure in my life that loved me, and all I can say now is thank you grandpa!

I just attended the New Prospect Fire Department annual fish fry fund raiser, for the forth year in a row. Sat with Daniel and wife Jen, had a great meal, plenty left over for dinner, with a slice of homemade chocolate cake.

We spotted the helicopter crew eating as we stood in line. We wondered if they drove or flew here.

They flew. I told Daniel that if his heart gives out, he was in a good place.

Here's a great shot of my sweet grand-daughter Ariella watching a deer from her house.

I was sitting in my chair, when Daniel walked in and asked me if I wanted anything from Legends Express. I initially took the lame response, no I'm fine, after only eating some strange sandwich from a joint down the road when I picked up my friend this morning.

He insisted, so I ordered a meatloaf and sides. I suppose I do need to stay alive and survive! We share this meal thing, and I value it.

Here's the result of my lazy day:

Sitting here odd man out to a chess game. It's quiet and peaceful, door wide open, rain soaked air flowing in. I can write while they play.

Victory is close for one friend, as they split from the table for a moment, to piss and refresh a drink from next door.

One friend looks the other in the eye and says checkmate, or the other says I concede, or wait, they both just agreed to a stalemate!

I have a friend named Andrew, a tech guy inspired by me as he grew up alongside my boy, recently tell me that:

I can code a handshake between two systems that otherwise would never talk to each other. Any two systems can do such with a rest api, irregardless of intellectual property's or even how its coded. I could make the department of defense talk to your blog.

He may drop by here one day and it would be great to be inspired by him!