In the late seventies I landed the biggest IBM systems consulting project of my career with Interocean Steamship of San Francisco. These guys were the leading container management company on the West Coast and they wanted a state of the art computer system. I gave my hand-typed presentation to a room full of suits, wearing a tee-shirt and ragged jeans, and got the contract. A year later they had their system and loved it, and I was rocking and rolling on the IBM gravy train.

Now I sit hunkered down in the cold and dark, still writing code...

I'm thinking of joining a local photography club and I need a way to share my work from a tablet so I've created a new domain just for that purpose called Jimazon. It's a work in progress and I'm diving down into code for the first time in months so stay tuned...

My sister attempting to say grace at a holiday meal.

Here's another I just whipped up:

Cruising through an old hard drive I came across a few photos that captured brief snippets of my time in Idaho. Click the shot below to see them.

The first freeze warning of the winter is swooping down on us and it brings back memories of forty below back in Idaho.

There's a giant pine tree living next to my house that offers great shade in the Summer and lots of needles in the Fall. I'll bet this tree was around when De Soto pillaged and enslaved the Chickasaw Indian tribe that lived here.