I am a camera snob and I've always snickered at people taking pictures with their cell phones. I have a beautiful Sony camera rig that has taken some great shots but carrying it with me out on the job is inappropriate. Now I have this new Samsung s20+ and I have to admit, it's pretty damned good, and interesting.

I've played with the various modes but I'm settling in on 4/3. It matches up with my blog and everything I do. Here's some shots I took today down at our pickup spot:

Yep, that's my finger :-)

The tubing business is booming! Yesterday we launched over 200 folks down Shoal Creek (a company record) with just a basic crew. I drove non-stop and my young helper Jacob and I handled every tube. The bosses were shocked and some much needed support people showed up today.

There was one group in particular today that stressed the limits of my little bus and trailer. I decided to take their picture with my new phone, standing by the passenger door up on the hill. To my surprise they spotted me, and posed! How cool is that?

As I was planning out a westward road trip recently, having the title Staff never crossed my mind, much less driving a bus and getting a lot of exercise. Yet here I am and I must say the transition has been very positive. I've started working out again, eating insanely healthy and envisioning the abs I had before I went on that decadent cruise last year. My goal now is to have a rock-hard body when I turn 74 in July, and some extra cash in the bank for a road trip late August.

I finally got my butt out of lazy mode today. I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast for months now and I've missed my vegetables so I made some up. I run red beets with the stalks and leaves, red cabbage, kale and garlic through my food processor and freeze them in baggies. Every night I bring one down before I go to bed and cook it for breakfast like oatmeal.

Then I made a raw vegetable smoothie from the leftovers.

I stepped outside this afternoon and found Piper flat on her back in the clover. It's a dead-end street with very little traffic, I havn't seen any dogs around for days, and she just feels comfortable here.

Some folks say I got a problem. I just say I'm prepared.

Many years ago I had the honor to hang out with my son Riley and my grandson Chris in my place down on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. As the years evolved I still maintain a loving relationship with my boy, but somehow I have lost it with Chris. Maybe someday we will reconnect...

Here Chris is all grown up with a child of his own.

Here's my new routine: I bust my ass Friday through Monday driving a bus, (again!). I wake up and get my coffee on at 0300, let Piper out, do my computer thing until 0430, put Pipers fresh food down, let her back in and carry her from the door to her food (she loves the routine), eat my oatmeal at 0600, nap for an hour at 0700, eat my eggs and blender fruit smoothie at 0800, shower at 0900, arrive at work at 0945, drive non-stop with no break and no food (my choice), arrive back home around 1730, let Piper out, eat dinner, watch Netflix, Piper back in, bed by 2030.

So much for retirement :-)

We had folks drive from two hours away yesterday just to float our creek in tubes. A lot of them actually, my old body is sore but I'm getting back in shape.

Not one of them threw a brick.

Took this shot of my little place from the comfort of my easy chair after a day driving tubers along the creek in the little yellow bus. My life is simple and I like it that way.