That skin cancer gouge-out on the top of my head is infected so I got two scripts at the pharmacy. I told the doctor I don't do pills but she said I may have no choice, so she gave me a topical cream to try first and some antibiotics. The pills were $27 and the cream was $53! (omfg...) A pill hasn't crossed my lips in five years, god help me.

Update: I think the Mupiripoff is going to work. If I take a road trip, snag a little strange, pick up a dose, maybe I can use the pills then...

In the meantime, coding is keeping me sane, sort of. I've added live traffic to all of my map systems, pretty amazing.

You know you want to learn the alphabet backwards, so get on it!

Beauty is but skin deep...

Cats and dogs were pounding on my roof last night so I brought up my radar map and there it was, barreling down towards my neighborhood. Big bad red and ugly. I prepped my place for a power outage, which happened within minutes, then I opened my front door, pulled up a chair right to the screen, and watched the show.

Lightning flashes were going off all around me, about one every second. The wind picked up my garbage can and threw it thirty feet. I expected one of the old trees around me to come crashing down any second. And then it was over, so I went to bed in the dark.

This morning I had power but no internet (still don't as I write this). I dug out my old Radio Shack radio and listened to some good old boys talk about the storm that blew through last night with trees down, damage to homes and the roof of the Library took a hit. I took a drive and sure enough, what they said was true, all about 400 yards from my place.

Update: The sun is going down, still no internet, and the radio is telling me that it was a tornado. Check that off my bucket list... Now I'm hunkered down with no phone, tv, email or connection to the world and it makes me realize how much I've come to take all of that for granted. At least I have power, which is really all an old man and his old cat really needs.

Click the photo below for this mornings shots:

I drove over to the jobs center this morning to check out a job listing in the paper about transporting local seniors. As I stood behind the one person in line I glanced down at my hand holding a resume that summarized 25 years of experience driving seniors and the disabled, and it was shaking.

I certainly wasn't nervous, I was over qualified for this position, times ten. It was the elephant in the room. The internal tremors were strong this morning and I was doing a good job of ignoring them as usual, but there it was, visible shaking. I turned around and walked out the door.

There are some cool holes in the ancient hillside across the creek from me and come summer I'll wade over and check them out.

I've created a new map system (actually an enhanced port from OmjMaps) based on the great MapBox platform. Beautiful tiles combined with place clickable geocoding, this thing rocks! It functions inside a window, like Place, and blows out to full screen goodness like below. Click the map to try it and be sure to zoom around, change the style, and click on things. I reverse geocode everything and present them as clickable links lower left.

If you would like to see my reverse geocoder code, click here. (253,000 hits to my Place function certainly indicate an interest in this stuff...)

If it walks, hops, swam, crawls, slithered, has eyes, a mom and a dad, don't eat it.

You're welcome...

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The earth spins while time drags along on it's tail.

Bright moments turn dark at the flip of a switch.

The search for reasons continue to fail.

Life is a bitch.

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