I hooked up with an acquaintance yesterday afternoon, his name is Rob and I met him my last time I was down here in Tampa. He and I have technology adventures that we've both known over the decades.

We hung out last evening at a bar/ health club he's a member of, that has a great Steam Room. He and his family are coming over for dinner tonight.

This morning Shelby got me over to Advantage for a big blood draw out of my left arm. I slept great on a new memory foam last night, over the new bed Shelby recently bought. At noon, an in-home health care nurse dropped by to check me out.

Staying at Shelby's place here in Tampa is truly amazing and I'm very grateful. She has me back on my meds with a new organized monthly pill dispenser, along with seeing the proper medical people.

It was my inability to take my meds that caused my brain to fail. Maybe my life will come back, please wish me well.

It's been an interesting day. I sat down by the pool under a shaded canopy and worked on brain recovery, when finally we walked to the dog park with Zinny. I noticed that my head and leg issues were improving from the new drugs, but now my lower back hurts. I just can't win lately.

I now understand what happened about a month ago. I was giving up on life, looking for a way out, and I was succeeding.

My motivation to continue has improved now, a bit. I know that people care about and want me to survive. I can't give up now, I have to find a way to win this job called life.

Shelby is whipping up some Italian meatballs and Pasta with her special red sauce, then we're watching a NetFlix movie together.

It's Monday morning, May 6, 2024. I'm 77 years old, still alive, typing from a lounge chair down by a fancy pool in a very nice apartment place in Tampa, FL. I'm staying here with my grand-daughter Shelby Hamilton, and we just got back from an appointment with a medical facility here.

It's a very state of the art place called Advantge and has become my Primary facility. I have been truly rescued from the disaster that happened to me up in Lawrenceburg, TN.

About a month ago I lost my mind and my memories. I was living in my small duplex along Shoal Creek, Parkinsons was kicking my ass, my mind was going blank and my legs and body were in full vibration mode. I was drinking a liter of vodka a day, barely eating, and taking no medication.

One morning my neighbor Daniel came to my house, concerned that he hadn't seen me for a couple of days. Fortunately he knows my door number, and he found me down and out, with a big black eye. He called an ambulance and got me to the hospital. I also was in a couple of clinics I barely remember. I had a couple of seizures and was waiting to die.

Daniel called my grand-daughter Shelby here in Tampa and she rescued me from Tennessee. I owe Daniel and Shelby my life.

Shelby sacrificed her life and work to rescue me. I don't remember most of it, but she got me back on meds, in and out of a couple places, and drove me down here to Tampa. Last night I hung out with her friends, had dinner and a hot tub, then slept on a new fold down bed with a memory foam topper coming today or tomorrow.

We went to the new clinic called Advantage this morning and I'm back on meds and making appointments. The meds that Shelby got me back on have saved my life. The vibrations in my legs and head that I considered my death verdict, have subsided.

My long term memory is coming back, short term is still shot. I can't remember how to put photos on this blog, but I remember how to post, and I'm doing that now. If you notice an error or a misquote, please text me with a correction.

Thank you for being a friend.

Hung out with Shelby and friends yesterday at her place and in and around Tampa, FL. We wandered into town for supplies, played around, and enjoyed the sun.

In the evening we had a wonderful dinner out, followed by a hot hottub back at her other close friends house. It reminded me of great hottub adventures of the sixties and seventies.

My brain is still in trouble but it's getting a bit better every day. Wish me recovery help as the day moves forward, thank you.

I have photos from last nights hottub, of Shelby, Josie and Dan, that I have completely lost the ability of posting here. I don't know what to do anymore, so I am stopping now.

It's been a real tough morming and I just remember half of of it. My roommate Jerry has busted out of here, I have theraphy scheduled for later, and my wondeful grand-daughter is sitting next to me in this hospital room and working remotely.

My brain is confussed badly, and I don't remember what's real and what ain't. At one point I thought I was talking to my brother and my mom last night, but I'm afraid i'm the oldest and that didn't happen.

Shelby was watching a Jerrybreak from this Facility and getting me down to her residence in Tampa, FL shortly. This amazing lady is saving my life once again, and I have my family and limited friends to thank for everything.

NHC Is the name of the facility and they have been wonderful.

Well, it's been quite a day. I remember more than I did yesterday, but not much. The night was painful as my mind was spinning like a toad and my legs cramped up all night, Shelby took me over to somewhere where my memories started to come back, but my brain is scrambled.

I'm able to walk without a walker and without falling, but it's tough. I couldn't remember how I paid my end of the month bills, but Shelby tracked it down to my Driggs, ID account where my first of the month Social Security check goes into.

We dropped by my little house on Lee Street, where Shelby has been staying and cleaning, and it looked wonderful. She located my checking accounts on my laptop and we determined my rent check came out of there, so I wrote this months rent check and we dropped it by my landlords place.

I underwent some memory tests today and I really don't remember much, but i's gradually starting to come back. Everyone say's I'm looking better and things are starting to appear real to me, but all I can do is take their words for it.

It was great to see Daniel at my place this afternoon, and it feels real good to be back in my bed at the main clinic. I've got a long ways to go, and some magic to make my head better, but I'm going to make it.

Shelby has been my magic worker and I owe her my life. I am so lucky and so grateful to her for everything. It's been a really long day and I'm shutting down now. I'm looking forward to another day of friendship and survival, good night everyone.

I'm struggling with this Post, not sure how to get it online. If I can it will be a major moment. Shelby is heating me up a good size Dunkin coffee, and getting a nice Ensure Protein out of the Ice Box.

I really feel terrible, but my granddaughter has been here and wonderful, while Daniel and Massey have been true frinds. Thank you to all.

I'm going to see if this thing posts.

I feel really bad and I don't know what to do. I've layed on my bed twenty out of the last twenty four hours. Daniel was a true friend and got me up to the clinic today, they've prescribed some new drugs which we picked up today, and a walker tomorrow.

Massey dropped by and prayed for me, and he and Daniel are over at his house now discussing me. Grand-daughter Shelby is coming here in a couple of days.

I've never felt this bad in my life and I'm really thinking of ending it. I don't think I will, but it's crossing my mind.

God help me...

I've decided not to throw myself into the creek. Just my luck I would survive and end up cold and wet. I made it through the night so I'll see how the day goes.

My head really hurts, and my body is vibrating. I don't know what to do. At least I can stop bitching about it...

I think maybe it's time to give up. My head is a mess, my mind is shattered and my heart is broken. We all eventually reach a point in life where the reasons to continue run out, and I may be there.

I can't make another trip back to that hospital. My quality of life is at the bottom, and I don't feel it rising. I don't have a woman by my side, nor do I expect one.

I have family and friends that love me, I know that, but there's got to be more, and I don't see it. That kind of love is great if you have your life together, worthless if you don't.

So I'm going to stagger down to the creek tomorrow and throw myself in. I want to thank everyone who cared about me, say a nice word or two at my funeral.

Goodbye! See you on the other side...