I spent a short while in the back of a Pensacola Police car this morning. I had wondered off from our place today with just shorts, sandals and a wallet. I left behind a shirt and my phone.

I'm way far away from learning this town and this morning I made a turn onto a main street and became totally shirt less, phone less and lost, in Pensacola, FL.

I couldn't call Shelby, I didn't have her address to give anyone, and this city is bigger than that advertised short walk to the beach.

I'm a firm believer in the police, I believe they're here to protect and save us from bad shit. I spotted a black and white holding up traffic while crews worked on the lights, so I walked up to his window and told him I was lost.

He told me to go stand on the corner and he would send a unit. Shortly a good old boy and his female partner showed up, just like the movies. I gave him my license and he ran my record hard, then searched my barely clad body and set me inside the back of the patrol car.

It was uncomfortable hard plastic back there but at least I was heading home. The female officer held up her laptop against the bars and said "is this your grand-daughter? and sure enough there was a full page glamorous shot of her, surrounded by contact information.

Shelby laughed when I read this to her, turns out I mentioned to the police lady that Shelby was well known around here, and she found her portfolio quickly.