I'm getting to know my mancave neighbor, Rajiv, from Sri Lanka. We've been hanging out at our open garage doors the last couple of nights, and I like him. He's been a businessman, bartender, owner pioneer here in Pensacola for a long time.

Shelby and I wondered over to his place last night after the debate. He had some family and friends there, it was fun.

Now I'm in the cave on a steaming hot Florida day, dancing, drinking, smoking and writing. Everyone around me is off to work or whatever they do. Shelby's doing her online job at her office in the living room.

The hot chick who walks her two dogs has been prancing around on the grass in front of me, twice. There's an interesting older women living here, we've evolved past eye contact and we're now waving at each other as she gets in and out of her car in front of me. I need to invite her to the cave.

Update: I did, her name is Dawn, I liked her, I told her I once loved a woman named Dawn. We chatted a bit, she's a massage therapist, and a very nice lady.

I'm trying to accept my illness, and the way I am with it. On numerous occasions I've been a brain damaged idiot and offended people. I'm really trying to end that, to somehow see what's real and what's not.

But I know myself to my soul. I'm almost 78 and I have evolved into who I am. I'm honest, I don't cheat, steal or harm anyone or anything. I love a few people.

I am who I am, what I present is real, and I have no problem presenting it.