I was reverse lactating goat cheese into my mouth when Piper expressed interest, which she lost as soon as I plunked a treat down into hers, and ruined it.

It's Monday morning, last day of August, two-thirds through the year 2020. I'm there, as opposed to here, which is fine because I have no desire to have direction anyway.

A birthday shoutout to my brother, currently captive in a west coast mental hospital, love you man. Hey, at least you know what's coming tomorrow but I have no idea what happens to me next.

Most people have a plan, I have none, unless Staying Alive is considered a plan, which ok, now that I think about it, why not...

I woke up this morning with a code-on. It's been awhile and it was very persistant until I opened my editor and brought up my mobile template which is currently in the form of Brian and Rileys auto body shop in Federal Way, WA.

I'm awaiting content on that site from the boys but I decided to tackle the Title. What I've come up with is a software generated font with cool shadows on an upward pitch. Whatever I plug into the title will inherit the effects and it floats around nicely based on screen size. Click the image below to go there...

Update: That cool effect I used to generate MCC's logo won't run on Android so I had to capture each word as an image from my desktop and present them as floating objects in the header as opposed to generating them on the fly. They align themselves perfectly as the size of the screen changes.

I also changed Riley's picture...

I took this shot down by the creek today. The roots have been stripped bare by the hot summer rain and the leaves are turning to Fall. I've seen this before as I float into my third winter in Tennessee and I feel oddly displaced by it.

I don't have anyone here to hang with as the holidays approach. It's not the first time in my life by far, and I always survived. That's really what holiday bullshit comes down to, survival. We party at the end of the year simply because we survived.

I'm 74, and I've had a hell of a life. For most of it I was successful enough to live it fully. I made a lot of mistakes, but somehow a degree of integrity helped me land better each time, and here I am now.

I really hate taking life and I messed up again. I discovered a mouse in my house yesterday so I picked up a couple of sticky traps thinking I could safely remove him. Nope, found him this morning hopelessly stuck to the trap so I had no recourse but to drown him so he wouldn't suffer. Damn.

I left the water running 15 minutes then pulled the bag up by the handles. The water ran out the bottom but the sticky pad stayed inside, while I took it to the garbage. Piper? Absolutely no help whatsoever...

There is a lot of knowledge, tempered by experience, stored in my old bald head and it amazes me that I still remember so much. I have had one hell of a great life! There was always shit going down somewhere, lots of regret, it bounced both ways and I always landed on my feet.

My slide along the edgier side of life slowed down when I became Riley's dad and after almost 34 years, I think I have finally landed.

Every experience, good or bad, is stored in the core of your brain and every instant of your life runs through this filter. When the filter is your friend, guiding you to be the best person you can be while still enjoying yourself, you have landed well.

Otherwise you end up like, you know, that person.

I have finally found a goat cheese approaching my friend Marianne's, back in Idaho. She loved her goats and I sense the same passion here at Belle Chevra in Elkmont, AL.

It was a great little one hour drive this morning down to country I've never seen before to buy goat cheese. These guys are world-renowned, award winning and don't sell locally except here in their little cheese shop and they make all of their stuff in the creamery behind the store.

So how is it? Hell ya!

An 0930 screen video capture of weather brewing here in the South. That's the front tip of Hurricane Laura lower left, my place upper right.

Meanwhile, all is well on my porch...

My little truck is running great! I took it up to Spring Hill today for a Discount Tire rotation and it was the first time I've flexed her muscles since the rear-end job, and I was stunned! There was alway an engine rattle that rolled around in her straight pipe as I approached cruising speed, and having just completed a 5k+ mile cross country jaunt, I knew it well.

It is now gone. Replacing a loosy-goosy, near death rear-end with one that appears to be solid, changed everything. The new axle is of unknown heritage, has fresh fluid and it's applying way more torque back to the engine. The vehicle gods are on my side. Thank you.

I'm heading to a secret location on an unspecified day, next month. I would love to discuss it here but surprise is at the core of the trip and maybe she reads my blog.

And that's it.

I have absolutely no plans for the rest of my life. There are hankerings, like a week at an all-inclusive Cancun resort, or a Club Med, do those still exist?

I also have catback which is the situation where you have your cat back in the house happy and also being taken care of while you're gone. (Steph, or the Vet@$25day)

The truck is running great! A new old rear-end, fresh oil-lube with a tranny fluid refill, clutch slave cylinder replaced and my EGR delete job is solid.

My passport is ready with no restrictions and I could go anywhere in the world. Instead I'm hunkered down in a little house on a dead-end street in a little town in southern Tennessee writing this shit instead of code.

So, what can I say but, stay tuned...