Here's a cruise around Caye Caulker island from the reverse perspective of the back of a golf cart:

Here's a little video of the ride back to Caye Caulker in the water taxi after the Cave Tubing day. Sit back and smell the salt air from the front of the boat.

And this is some really long hair on a Caulker girl, from the bar above the street:

Local bar across from our hotels on Caye Caulker.

Here's that encounter with the boys from the U.K. at Secret Beach.

Update: Created a high-res version (still experimenting).

Also, here's the hot sauce we used for meals non-stop down there, amazing:

Just bought a couple bottles from Amazon (read the reviews) :-)

I shot 145 videos on this trip in 4K at 64M with my amazing little DJI Pocket 2. It's so easy to shoot I would just hand it off to people to have fun with. It's going to take weeks to wade through, convert down, and edit them all but here's one I just grabbed for a YouTube test, uploaded full res and raw, just to see it.

This was shot coming back from a day on Secret Beach on San Pedro island, Belize, rocking out to my new sweetheart, Miley Cyrus.

Between Customs and passports, it was difficult getting into Belize and it was downright comical getting out. How many times do you need to drop your mask, remove your shades and hat, just so they can verify you are who you are, again and again!

Then you put women behind the flight carrier microphones that barely speak English and they're doing it through a heavy tight mask, and you have no idea what they are saying. In Miami we were herded through lines that felt like a cows last walk down the chute to slaughter.

I decided to buy a drink at the Miami Airport (just one because I was driving home from Nashville) and they served my Vodka Water as a plastic cup with water and ice along with a shot glass of their house vodka (Absolute). The $14.65 tab would have covered an evening of drinking in Belize. Never again.

Just got home after a drive south and all is well. Brian and Nadia on the other hand missed their flight to Jackson, Wy because of the Customs, Covid re-entry crap.

Ok, this adventure is over for me, and I can't wait to get my baby Piper out of Vet boarding hell tomorrow.

Man, what is it about me, why do I attract men who want to get me stoned? Today we're having an amazing time at Secret Beach, I'm dancing in the sand to some fine rhythm coming from the nearby bar when this Rastafarian dude walks up with a superbly rolled joint of local shit and passes it smoothly into my hand while introducing himself as the King.

He flashed on Brian's "Dive Bar" tee shirt and said if we hit that place tonight, to mention we hung with the King. Works for me!

Speaking of men, a bunch of gay guys from the U.K. hit on me when I passed their table in the ocean (yea...), it was fun, but not quite as much fun as marveling how a string can completely disappear from a bikini on a bubble butt.

We took care of business this morning, bought our tickets for a short hop to the Belize airport tomorrow and then took a negative Covid test, heading out for dinner now...

This morning I staggered over to the main drag for some hot instant coffee and the special, a plate of good stuff with orange juice. The kids are still crashed but today we take the rented golf cart to Secret Beach, for some fun in the sun.

Last full day and tomorrow we charter a small plane to take us directly to the Belize airport. Oh, and somewhere along the way we need to get fresh negative Covid tests or they won't let us leave for 14 days.

I'll update this post when the day is done...

Our digs, The Hotel Del Rio:

What an amazing evening on San Pedro island, off the coast of Belize. We hit the bar across the street from our sweet hotel on the beach, and smacked happy hour down. Then as I was leaving, a couple of good old boys hanging out in a boat tied to the dock flagged me over and shared a blunt with me.

Freshly stoned, I was standing outside our hotel digs waiting for the kids to continue the adventure down the strip, when I met Jim. He was my age, owned the place we were staying at, and has lived here off and on for the last twenty three years.

We ended up at the locals bar down the road where Nadia played their trivia game and Brian and Jim and I bonded...

We left Caye Caulker early this morning so the kids could dive the great barrier reef out of San Pedro. We pulled up to the island around 0900 but unfortunately our bags didn't make it on our boat, they were headed back to Belize City. Major screw-up on their part but they were finally brought to our new hotel here around 1pm, just barely enough time for Brian and Nadia to get to their dive shop on the other end of the island.

So I'm free for a bit and craving a fry jack but the shops stop making them after breakfast, except one little old lady that whipped me up a beauty.