I'm getting hooked on Perdue Chicken. It's quality, free range chicken, and they're dropping the Dino shaped nuggets, so they were on sale today.

Dipped in sugar free Yum Yum sauce, they make a great snack.

And I seriously modified my Summer plans this morning. I've been having second thoughts to committing myself to a full time driving job.

When I texted the manager Elizabeth about the days of the week we would be running, and she said it wasn't firmed up yet, I realized if I was going to bail on a commitment, now would be the time.

She asked if I would be willing to be a backup driver if I was in town, and I said absolutely. I then texted the boss man Ricky, and he was fine with that. I trust they will find someone shortly. It's a fun job, maybe just for a younger person.

So, to my family and a Florida hookup this Summer, I'm back on the table!

I removed two branches from the tree that holds my bird feeder recently. Actually, they were cut by Daniel with a large set of trimmers.

The purpose was to keep the squirrels from jumping onto the feeder. It didn't work.

Now I notice that the tree is hurt. It almost looks like tears are falling from the point it lost it's limbs. I look at this, and I feel bad.

My grand-daughter Ariella has a best friend named Addy. They have grown up together, and how cute is this!

I just put myself out there for a summer job. I saw that Crockett Shoals Tubing was looking for a driver, so I reached out to their manager, and my friend, Elizabeth, and offered my services.

I drove for them three years ago, and had a great time. Last year they needed a tube patcher, and I stepped up and did that grueling job.

I told the big boss Ricky that I was not going to patch tubes this year, and I figured that was it. Then I saw the driver job opening.

I really wasn't planning on working this summer, my main goal was to hook up with family down in Pensacola at the end of July.

But a summer job would do me good. I drive people, that's what I've been doing for the last thirty years. Driving an old yellow fourteen passenger school bus, towing a trailer full of float tubes, up and down Shoal Creek, is a great job!

I would have drove last season, but all they needed was a tube patcher.

So, we will see where this goes. If they make an offer, I'll have to scramble with family, and work out an alternative to a late July meet up.

Update: Ricky offered me the job, and I have accepted!

I met Dawn Beckmeyer in the late seventies down in Carmel Valley, CA. Her family lived local and she worked at the place I was developing an accounting system on an IBM Sys-3 Mod 10 for, a new startup called Flasher Fashions.

She was not your typical looking woman. She had a square face with a smile and energy that melted everyone she met and just radiated positivity. Her very first orgasm was on top, in my Pacific Grove apartment. We fell in love.

For several years we had a great time and traveled a lot. We ended up in a nice place up in the Oakland Hills, and I was happy to have her for a partner.

One day, she sat me down in that apartment and broke up with me. She said she was going to become a cloistered nun in a remote Northern California monastery. WTF? Damned if she didn't do it, and it broke my heart.

She also told me that I was the love of her life. So, you experience that, and then become a nun?

Many years later I made contact with her there by mail, and she was happy and fulfilled. She was the cook for a monastery full of nuns, women who had bailed on conventional life, just to worship god.

That was a very tough breakup for me, and I've had a few. Things fell apart after, and I ended up making some bad decisions.

Oh well, if that hadn't happened I would never have hooked up with Riley's mom, so all things work towards the right place.

But still...

Today was my big doctors appointment, so after breakfast on the Square I picked up my donut order from Sunrise Bakery.

It was 0830 and my appointment wasn't until 1130, so I decided to drop the donuts by Fast Pace medical then, instead of right before lunch.

It turns out the Family Nurse Practitioner (CJ) was sick, and all appointments were canceled. I asked the lady at the front desk if I could go back and deliver the donuts to the staff and she said sure!

They were all very appreciative to have donuts mid-morning from the best bakery south of Nashville.

Update: I called Fast Pace back to make a new appointment, and was told that CJ had recovered and I could keep my 1130 appointment. She was absolutely amazing! I have never had a doctors office visit as thorough and as thoughtful as the one I just experienced.

She was also dealing with her own issue of Vertigo, so she called in a nurse during the physical examination, just in case we both fell.

She believes the problems with my legs may be a vitamin deficiency, complicated by my Parkinsons and alcohol consumption. She also said that when I'm ready to quit drinking and get back in shape, she has a med to help deal with the withdrawals.

I'm picking up the recommended vitamins, and seeing her again in three weeks. Did I mention she was wonderful!!

And they loved the donuts!

I went to bed tonight around 2015, relatively sober, and just laid there and thought about everything. So I decided to get up and write.

Nights have been really tough lately. The Parkinsons vibrations are strong and the pain in my legs is messing with my sleep. I last about a half hour on each side before the pain wakes me up and I roll over.

And, when I lay on my right side, my rotator cup stuff hurts. As a result, deep REM sleep is gone, and sleep in general is shot.

I finally have an appointment tomorrow with my Primary Care doctor at the Fast Pace clinic up the street. Usually I deal with the lovely ladies that run the place, but this is with their main PC. I know they take this seriously, her time is valuable, and they have bugged me a bunch about being there. Trust me, I'm there.

The primary purpose is to discuss my very high blood pressure, and maybe put me on some meds. I'm currently taking just two pills for Parkinsons.

But I want to address other issues. This is my one shot to talk to a real doctor, why is my ability to walk going south, why does my lower back seize up and make me fall down? And talk about alcoholism...

This little clinic right up the road has been there for me several times over the almost five years I've lived here. The ladies are sweet, compassionate, and I appreciate them very much.

So, I'm stopping at the Sunrise Bakery here in town and picking up a dozen assorted fresh baked pastries tomorrow. I will carry the box into the back, and set it on their counter before I head to a cubicle. Sweets for the sweet!

I'll take a photo of the box and post it tomorrow!

A hundred thousand Swifties were up in Nashville last night as strong thunderstorms rolled through. The last performance was finally at midnight, and imagine waiting four hours for that show, staying up all night in the rain, then dealing with BNA the next morning trying to get home!

I just heard about a couple of ladies that paid $2,000 a piece for tickets to see Taylor, only to have their show cancelled. Now they have to scramble for refunds.

Here's a breakdown of the Taylor Swift fan demographics:

I really hate taking life. Today I was trying to chase a small wasp out of the house with a fly swatter, and hit him too hard. He fell to the floor mortally wounded, and I had to finish him off. I then told his dead wasp body that I was sorry.

When I find an insect in my house, I capture it and escort it out the front door. Last year I had a mouse in the house and had to take it out with a trap. I felt very bad for days.

Back in Idaho, Steph talked me into taking out a beautiful woodpecker that was doing it's thing on one of our trees. I rested the pellet gun up against our log home, sighted it in, and dropped it to the ground. Never listen to a woman when she tells you to take a life!

It's a really hypocritical position to take I suppose, since I still eat animals and fish that have been killed by others. I guess I can only just hold myself accountable, as I try to survive.

I grabbed a closeup of one of our groundhog babies poking it's head out the hole this morning. It's a little blurry, but still cute.