In the event that there were doubters about the fact that the teddy bear in my corner has been with me since birth, here's a shot taken with my wayback lens. Only made it back to about one year old, but come on, trust me.

That's my grandmother and brother, btw...

The towhead kid on the left is my grandfather in Joplin, MO. So for all my grandchildren out there, those are your great-great-great grandparents.

Richard Tilton King (1874-1943), James Lloyd King (1897-1968), Walter (top), Unknown (bottom), Thelie May Smith (1879-1899). She only lived for 20 years?, and they were both from Illinois. I need to research that date...

Long gone relatives on my mother's side, from left to right:
• My grandfather, James King.
• My grandmother's sister (Idelle or Irene).
• My grandmother, Maude Erway.
• My grandmother's sister (Idelle or Irene).
• My younger sister Lorelle, still alive.
• My mom.
• My older brother Dana, still alive I think.
• Me, barely alive.

My friend Carol called me last night from a nursing home in Rexburg Idaho. She was struck down as a young girl with a disease that landed her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, and I used to drove her around in my bus. I normally don't answer calls from out of state but this one came from Idaho and I recognized her voice instantly.

We had a nice chat and she finally asked me why I moved to Tennessee and I didn't have an answer. Am I glad I ended up here? No. Another holiday season is approaching and I only have two friends, Steph and my next door neighbor Daniel. Steph's grand-daughters that I grew to love are no longer in my life, I'm not involved in anything here other than staying alive, and my body is bailing on me.

But hey, I ain't bitching, how could I having known Carol, I'm just commenting on my life because this is my blog and I can. At least here in the South there are new places to explore and I'm doing that tomorrow...

Piper, in my lap.

Dear Steph,

I read something recently that listed a couple of side effects from Parkinsons as hallucinations and delusions. Ha! That's a long way off.

Thanks for watching Piper this weekend and I really want you to enjoy the space, unlike the last full day off you had and you didn't show up until late and then I don't think you spent the night.

Be down here Friday morning at 0800, I'll buy you breakfast at that place in the square and then leave you to binge watch the Queen's Gambit on Netflix, enjoy my internet connection and boss the house around with your voice.

You can then work Saturday out as you wish and I'll be back home on Sunday. Is it a date?

Wait, this is email, right?

I'm a technical guy and considering my fifty years as a computer programmer, I damn well should be. I've been involved in what seems like everything and now I write great Javascript, I massage CSS and I push PHP. I'm also into my second blog over the last ten years.

For the last few years I've been doing without cell phones, didn't own one, but now I've allowed myself to sink back into that wonderful magical world of connectivity where my watch, my phone and my brain are now on the same page. So are my two tablets and a laptop, so is my vintage Echo and all of the smart devices around me, so is my blazingly fast development box and her wide screen monitor. We all be hooked up.

Now I can take some time to sit next to my baby, and rub her:

Then I ate some local honey to fight off the allergies:

It's the day before election day and I'm just hunkered down, watching the world and orgasiming over the connections between my Samsung watch and phone, my old original Echo, and my living space. Then I walked down to my creek:

I live at the end of a southern Tennessee dead-end street and my cat Piper is the queen of the neighborhood. Since we've been here she's had to compete with dogs and cats, but they're all gone now and she loves it.

She even has me totally wrapped around her tail, I'm her doorman, chef, and masseuse. We have a running bet about who's going to outlive the other but there's nothing in place, in the event of either.

My son Riley and Jessica are in Phoenix trying to expand their family. Ain't they cute :-)