Yea I shut this blog down for a while. I was taking shit from multiple directions about how I was living my life, and how I was writing about it. But now I'm bottoming out...

The days have consisted of walking around the neighborhood in just my shorts, working on my tan and thinking about life. I have a couple drinks at the bar, skip dinner, just like I skipped the other meals, and go to bed. Such is the life of a sad old drunk.

My past and my decisions have been sweating out of my shrinking damaged brain as I walk, and I'm embarrassed by my existence.

I spent my last ten dollars in cash, with two drinks at the bar, and said goodbye. I gave Shelby my debit card and said take it over, she already has full access to it.

During my walk this morning I found two dimes on the sidewalk and picked them up. It reminded me of a quarter laying on another street that I had left for the homeless, but now I'm going back.

There ain't much you can buy for $.45 these days. Which means Shelby has my card and complete control of my bank account, and I have some change in my pocket.

This is how you handle sad old drunks, because they ain't capable of doing it themselves. I did manage to power my phone and computer down, when I killed the blog. My phone is still off, hanging out in no lecture land.

The big home base Blue Angels show is this weekend, Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping to get some good shots for the blog.