I fell again today. It was a weird one, peddling hard on Shelbs exercise bike with my sandals on, outside the grips.

She moved it out onto the driveway so I could watch TV. I began peddling and moving hard, than she handed me some weights and the exercise routine was on!

My rhythm with the bike was perfect, than I lost it for a split second. I thrust my body forward, extending my hand to grab the bike handle, and missed it.

I expected the bike to roll with me, nope. Suddenly I found myself thrust from the fucking thing into a vertical position, even with the handle. I was three feet from the ground and fell straight down.

I landed equally with the back of my head and my old back bouncing off the concrete. I have blood on my head and elbow.

It didn't hurt, I take too many pills. It left no marks, I'm too tan.