I've been looking at my Blog today, and realized that I had several months of Posts that I didn't archive, because my brain was scrambled so bad.

I was trying to focus down into my life, to the time period when the world collapsed around me, and I was using vodka to end it all. But, because I hadn't archived five months of Posts (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May), they were all buried deep in my blog.

Archives are great, and they sit right below the Current Posts list, to the right if you're using a computer, or at the bottom on a phone. If you click on any month, you get all the Posts I wrote that month/year.

The current Archive list showed Dec, 2023 as the last month of Archives, which left the last five months only reachable with some effort. So I just archived Jan, 2024 through May, 2024, and they're only a click away now.

I can click on the Apr, 2024 Archive and study the Posts surrounding my collapse in the middle of the month. I'll archive June shortly and it will flow into my Current Posts list.

I've documented the last six years of my life, in a format I created and control. I talk about everything here, with only a few limits. With archives I can dive right down into a full month of Posts for that year, and remember what I did!

I could use FaceBook, I suppose...