I arrived in Tennessee with Steph about six years ago. I had about 30K saved up from work in Idaho, and it's finally dwindled down to a little over a grand, as the years have rolled by. That ain't nothin in today's world.

I used to be a very smart guy, and I made a lot of money in the computer business. I spent it on life, women and travel. It's been a great, almost 78 years, of life.

I have no regrets anymore, because they're worthless and can't be undone. I take complete responsibility for everything in my life and I blame nobody for nothin.

In fact, I'm feeling kind of good now as I sip a couple cannabis infused cocktails and smoke a toke or two.

The hot blond chick in the short red dress told me to take a shower and we'll go into town this evening. Shelby had a business here over the years and has made many friends, a few I've met before.

Ahhh, hanging out with the Pensacola intellectuals downtown, on a warm early summer night.