I've discovered a cool hole in the ground down by the creek. It's about a foot wide and supported on three sides by tree roots. I sense magic.

I made eye contact with a pig on a truck heading to slaughter in the middle of Iowa recently and it made me sad. The look was piercing but the eyes were blurred as if it was drugged. The turn of it's mouth showed sadness and resignation.

I renewed my vow to avoid eating pork and then ate barbecue with Steph the other day. Just not holding firmly to my convictions lately. I am proud of rescuing Piper though, the situation was fucked up, and I fixed it.

Just shot this and titled it Covid-18.

Leaves, goat cheese and Piper, thats all that matters...

Here's a cool video I also just shot, down by the creek. Find a quiet place and meditate to this one:

Drove down to Florence, AL this morning to buy some Belle Chevre at the Publix Market, and there was none. I asked why they didn't have any of that world class chevra that's made about 40 miles away and they had no answer, so I bought some cheese anyway. I really like this store though, makes Kroger look like a Dollar General.

Nine bucks for these two, while a log up at the Amish store is way more cheese and only eight bucks. The crumbly stuff on the left is ok, good for cooking, and the soft one is actually quite tasty.

No animals died in the production of this cheese, or this post...

I have a couple of goat cheese road trips planned. First up, I've discovered that one of the most prestigious goat cheese (chevra, pronounced chev ra) makers in the country is only 41.4 miles from me, down in Elkmont, AL. They're called Belle Chevre and I just called them to say hi. I can't get there today and they're closed Sun and Mon so I asked where I can buy locally.

Which brings up tomorrows road trip, the Publix market down in Florence, AL. which sells their product. At 36.18 miles it's an easy Sunday jaunt, buy some cheese, and then see if I want to go to Elkmont next week. Retired life is tough...

Here's a Montrachet style log:

How about a goat cheese cheesecake. This thing is an award winner:

Kinda like me, sexy skinny and smart.

I lived in Kent, WA back in the nineties helping Riley grow up. The Aldworth family lived in the same apartment complex and we became friends and the oldest boy Andrew became Riley's best bud. Brad and Sheila had two other kids while I was living there, Lisa and Alan. Years went by, everybody moved on, but I still saw them at Rileys major events like graduation, marriage and the occasional backyard party.

Sheila passed away recently, way too young. I am honored to attend her memorial service today, remotely. RIP my friend.

Piper's had a rough few weeks and I've felt the strain drain from her body as she slept on my lap today.

Contentment goes both ways. My mind has eased on down as she settles in. When I drove to town for supplies earlier I spotted the yellow bus unloading tubers on the creek. No regrets on leaving that job because I have more time to take pictures of leaves.

Meanwhile, back in the chair...

Piper got herself a tag, now I need to get her a collar. I assume that if we got separated anyone could call the vet, give them the number and they have my address. She's also got a chip in her neck so I should figure out how to point the thing here.

I despise most insects with the same passion I love animals. What purpose in the world does a flea serve other than to torment and suck the blood from animals?

My house and yard are free from the little bastards now and I'm bringing my kitty home tomorrow morning. I haven't seen her motel room yet, looking forward to it. I'll place her cleaned little body on my cleaned floor, and point her towards her food. Can't wait to get her home...

I managed to get Piper in last night after promising her she wouldn't have to walk on the floor. The exterminator guy is coming tomorrow morning to totally deflea my house so in the meantime she spent the evening on my living room table where I set up food and water. We had great quality time while I watched NetFlix with her sleeping on my lap off and on and lots of kisses, and she stayed on the table all night.

This morning I drove her to the veterinary hospital where they will get her vaccinations up to speed, give her a flea bath and totally deflea her, then put her up in a room for a couple of nights until the house is ready. Just taking care of my baby!

There were no fleas at 6500 feet in Idaho, btw...

You need to enjoy life now because eventually you can't. I was sitting on the porch last evening texting with my granddaughter Shelby who is currently in California helping out family. I told her I wanted to go to the zoo.

Shelby said she would talk to Homer and make it happen, and maybe he can come along. There was no question we were referring to the new Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and to enjoy it with the guy that designed it, would be amazing.

I need a new road trip and my rejuvenated truck is begging for the road. I'll have Piper inside and flea free shortly and I told Shelby to pick a date and I'll make that easy 6.5 hour drive to Pensacola in a heartbeat.