When you're old like me and running on gravy time there are two ways to die (barring an accident), the Doctor Way where you submit yourself to a corrupt medical system that claims they can cure you with modern science at a big price, or just live until you don't. You might live longer going the doctor way but otherwise your money could be spent on you, not them.

Every breath every step moving on gravy time down to the creek. It's cloudy, it's calm and it's Sunday. Shoal creek has been around for a long time and the earliest history I can find shows that Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto and his men wintered along the creek in 1540 here in Lawrenceburg, quite possibly on the land from which I write this. They arrived here on Christmas day and met the Chickasaw Indians who called the place Chicasa.

Pictures from the field just came in, looks like the camera was a hit with Lilly. Success!

Later on, while Lilly naps...

Just another eclectic video on a windy rainy day...

This is just a marvel of Chinese creativity. Combine a 3M sensor, a cheap processor, a lens and some buttons with a molded piece of plastic and make a functioning kids camera. I pulled it out of the box and took a shot with existing battery power and it worked.

The lighting was poor and it's only 3 megapixels but it delivered an acceptable image. I'm sure my little Lilly will get much better shots, from a four year old perspective, that I can't wait to see.

I need to dive into settings and turn that Date off, and who knows what else I'll find there.

The stupidly extravagant way I've spent my life should have killed me off long ago but no, here I am, running on Gravy Time.

I live in Tennessee the land of the free and I ain't beholden to nuthin. Every minute of every day is spent doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it. I move forward to a future fraught with pitfalls but bursting with possibility. Gravy Time.

I got Lilly a camera for her birthday next Saturday and then created a guide for her:

Now he's torn down and rebuilt every car on the road...

To be, as opposed to not.