That big flower thing that I interacted with yesterday, is pregnant.

With new growth, she really loved the water.

So I gave her more this morning and as I was walking back I noticed the vines climbing up to my office window, so I watered that one also. Hot dry days you got to take care of your plants.

It's interesting that I didn't know those vines were there, I never open the shades on that window anymore. That was Pipers perch, she loved to lay up on my desk, window open, and survey her domain, of which that big flower thing played a big part.

And, I'm almost positive that was her hiding spot on hot outside days, where she could hunker down and blend in. I never could spot her in there.

Your entire life, every exhilarating and heartbroken moment, up to this instant in time, defines you. It's what the world sees as you move about it.

Some days I don't know where I am, and some days I just blow my own mind!

I use Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, the top code editor in the world, to create websites, and then use NoteTab Pro, a relic I've carried on for decades, to be my text editor. This old piece of code runs amazing on my Acer laptop under windows 11.

I compose my text here, spell check it, then port it into my blog.

You know you're in trouble when the joint you are about to lite up is called Face Melt OG Slims XL lg.

It's taken me three quarters of a century to finally figure out how to boil fucking eggs. So that the shell slides off whole, with a tap, as opposed to shattering into a thousand little pieces, super glued to the fucking egg.

I now love boiling and pealing eggs, so here it is, Jim's version:

Take the eggs out of the fridge and put them on the counter while you fill up the pot and bring it to a boil. The eggs can reach near room temp by the time you put them in.

Throw a good dash of salt in the pot as you add the eggs. Boil without a lid for 12 minutes, then remove from heat and cover for 14 minutes. I call it the 12/14 algorithm and I've got me a sweet little timer attached to my stove that implements it!

After 14 minutes covered, drain the water into the sink and just let cold water run over them to cool them down, less than a minute.

Perfectly cooked, and they peal great!

And since I'm playing the role of Mr Tweak, here's a snap of my grandfathers hammer from his sign painting days in Northern California. I have this and others, I have my grandmothers blankets, somehow.

I use the hammer to continually break up the giant bag of ice Daniel gave me for free, because he's the ice house god, as it takes up my entire freezer.

Life on Lee street, 2022...

The flower bed in my back yard is blooming nicely. I never water it, as opposed to watering Pipers plant daily, yet is quite beautiful in its reckless abandon, and thriving!

Update: I just gave the whole bed a glorious watering. Leafs were flying in the air with joy, flowers drank thirstly. and I gave a full minute of full on water, from my sweet flexihose, down to the center of her base.

Did I just have sex with a plant?

I just want to do a shout out to women. To carry and nurture a future life to delivery, is something we men really don't understand. The sacrifices you make with your bodies to bring our children into the world is amazing!

Reading sappy stories and crying, in the dark, door open and it's misty outside. Life on Lee street, in the middle of an early May day, in southern Tennessee.

I discovered that Daniel has two trash cans and a fire hydrant in his back yard, when I went looking for the groundhogs he had spotted from his kitchen window.

Exsessing. Contemplative and aroused.

I suppose that if I suddenly fell face first into my laptop, dead from a heart attack, this wouldn't be a bad way to go...

Had a catfish hankerin today. Showed up at Legends Express right as they opened at 10:30, just me and a good old boy in front, at the drive thru. We both kept our engines off after ordering, understanding that they're in start up mode.

When I got to the window the rosy cheeked smiley girl said the fish needed a couple more minutes. Nobody behind me so I just scrolled thru TikTok on my phone, engine off.

I love this meal, the catfish is super fresh in the morning, big chunk of cornbread to dip into my sides of baked beans and creamed corn. Everything just melts in my mouth, which is great because my tooth count is at zero. The cornbread, baked beans combo, is a lesson in down home southern cooking.

I pull over into the big empty parking lot at the fairgrounds and eat half of it, saving the rest for dinner later.

So how much is this combo badboy? Eight dollars even.


My tuna and egg sandwich thing started back in the mid-ninties in Kent, WA.

My big black good buddy Roger Cave told me the secret of tuna fish. I had always just bought chunk because it was cheap, but Roger had me try a can of solid white and I was amazed at the difference in quality and taste.

So I combined this tuna discovery with hard boiled egs, and started feeding myself, along with Riley and his high school buddies, this as a sandwich.

I was at a party with those guys when they were older, and they all remembered my sandwiches fondly.

These days I use Krogers Albacore Solid White Tuna, in water, wild caught, you get the drift...

As for eggs I use Krogers free range large. I only use one slice of sour-dough bread, fold it in half.

My grand-daughter just text invited me to come up to DC on Memorial Day weekend. Big parade, lots of military appreciation, and all the flags laid at each headstone at Arlington. I told her I'd think about it.

Well I thought about it. I pictured driving my sorry old ass for 13 hours, only to slide into a crazy wild scene around Memorial Day in DC. With a couple joints in my pocket and a bottle of vodka in the back.

I'm adventurous, but I have to honestly reflect on my abilities, and limitations, and know my limits.

I'm passing on that one, sweet Shelby. Rock on!

Hey, I've been to Belize three times and Roatan twice, in the last four years, but this is different. I am finally settling in as a down home country boy, and I don't foresee any big trip in my immediate future. The only exception would be flying to Seattle.

As I was driving down I-24 towards Nashville Saturday morning, I spotted two bright dots in the early morning sky. I watched them for about a half hour as clouds rolled in front of them. Stars were not visible. I really don't know what was happening here, two planets?

Sunday morning I bought three bags of brown mulch at Walmart and spread it out over Pipers bed. Waiting for Daniel to loan me a rake.

Meanwhile, Shelby and Andy and dogs are starting their move north to the Pentagon today!