Yeah, I got the call from Crissinda today. Been hanging out with Steph all afternoon talking about her sister Sandy, her family, and life. I realize that she and I are no longer a couple but she is still my best friend and we can talk about anything, and we did.

Her car was heating up so I hooked her up with my local mechanic who helped her through a solution over the phone. We worked out the details for taking over my place and feeding our cat. She said she is ready to go, I just paid next months rent, and then the call came.

They found a replacement for me, some guy out of Pennsylvania who decided not to work for the Post Office and they took him out driving today and he appears good. Happy 74th Birthday to me! Thanks guys!

Here's a shot of Steph's siblings taken at Sandy's celebration of life. Just thought I would share...

Lower right...

My indoor/outdoor kitty has become full time outdoor. Not sure why but she's way more fearless now and just owns our little dead end street. Last night I coaxed her in for some food and brush, which she needed badly. I can't leave food out for her because the possums and coons get it.

She's also got a skin condition under her fur that's rough and scaly which I brush out hard. Here's a video I shot last night, just being chill with my baby before she went back out and I went to bed.

Lava Hot Springs is open and firmly implanted in my list of road trip places. Here's a shot I took heading there a few years back. I do love Idaho...

My current gig is not my first tube rodeo. I was telling my co-workers yesterday about one of my favorite places, Lava Hot Springs. It's a quaint little town south of Idaho Falls, ID with world-class hot springs and several tubing outfits. I had many adventures there and it's high on my upcoming road trip list. I've thrown a few photos together into a photoset you can view by clicking the shot below:

And yes Crissinda, the last shot is the biker dude drinking buddy who helped get me 86'd from the 112 degree pool.

Madison was riding along with me today and we were trying to verbally define the spots where we put people in and where we take them out and her simple solution was Put In and Take Out. Well, I would like you to take a moment and view our Take Out spot.

Well, I gave notice at the tubing company today. I told my boss Ricky that I was just working too hard. We as individuals are the only ones capable of knowing this and my poor old body let me know loudly. I also told him that I can't continue to intimately expose myself to so many strangers. Covid kills old people and what's the point of working to build up road trip cash, if you're dead.

I told Ricky I had his back completely until he can find a replacement. There's got to be a young buck (or doe) out there with a license and the integrity to pull off this job. I can have them ride along and trained in a day. Hell, I used to train transit supervisors!

So, we are parting ways in the most honorable way. Ricky told me two things: I'm surprised you lasted this long and you will be hard to replace. Thank you sir. And I've had a ball! My coworkers have become friends and it's been just downright fun.

Next up, road trip baby...

Just a thirsty squirrel...

Steph sent me this photo of sweet little Emma today, and it breaks my heart. I know this girl as she spent time with us in Idaho and I always thought she was precious. Her world is now upside down with Sandy's passing and hell, if I wasn't an old grumpy codger, I would welcome her into my world.

And then Crissinda and I found a baby bird under the homeless bridge and I assured her that the infant was fine, that's just how it rolls for them, they fall from the nest and learn to fly from the ground.

I offer up a prayer to my god that little Emma learns to fly!

This is my new favorite breakfast. I pan fry a wild-caught Alaskan whitefish patty in butter on one side for three minutes, flip it over and cook for two. Then I break three cage-free brown eggs over it, sprinkle on a generous amount of grated local Amish goat cheese, cook until the eggs are solid enough then flip it midair and cook for just a bit more.

It's 1530 on Shoal Creek below my house on a Sunday afternoon. The bosses will decide if we launch people into it tomorrow, or not.