Daniel and I played us some poker last night, and had a wonderful FaceTime with my beautiful grand-daughter Shelby, down in Florida.

It was like she was sitting right here at the table with us! We talked about cutting boards and roller pins. Then she was gone, and we just faded into the night, the amazing Shelby had left the house. The table is now scattered with chips and I think I lost.

Then we drove up to Amish country where I picked up a hand made cutting board and rolling pin for my FGD. Unfortunately, this whole town is shut down until Tuesday, so I'll pick up my grand-mothers blanket then, all freshly dry cleaned, along with a box big enough to hold everything, and ship them down to her next week.

Daniel is walking over to his house now, to get a tape measure, so we can measure this beautiful board. Shelby has a 20.5 by 14.75 by 1.25 inches thick cutting board, and a 17.75 long by 2.75 diameter rolling pin, coming her way in the best box we can find.

Both created by an Amish craftsman. These are one of a kind originals.

I love my grand-daughter Shelby, so much. I'm back home and I miss her, big time. She gets me, and I get her. Our talks are real, no bullshit, and I can share every aspect of my life with her, and she does the same with me.

Who ever grabs the heart of the most amazing woman I have ever known, is in for a hell of a ride, to the end.

And she has the same lazy right eye, as I do.

Daniel made chicken and dumplings, tonight. I stirred the pot, and they were amazing. He used the big old cutting board and rolling pin he bought from his Amish friend up North. He also got his boys a smaller, but great, version for Christmas.

It was so damn good I ate three bowls. Right now he's running a bowl up to Mary, the hottie running the liquor store. Hmmm, life in the South is good, and Daniel made big points at the Store.

I've been thinking about my amazing grand-daughter Shelby, all the way home today. I've watched her strut through life with sas, confidence and style. She is truly an amazing woman.

I've listened in on conference calls across two jobs, and her eloquence and command of her position, is something to behold. As she reined in a new partnership with a rich client and another job, the words that poured from her lovely mouth were like technical honey.

I'm a tech guy, and I know what's involved in creating a website and a platform, but she was presenting a vision to this client that was pure brilliance. The very rich savvy woman was so overwhelmed by my Shelby, that she hired her.

Shelby is a force of nature. She has attracted and maintained relationships with amazing men. A Marine sniper, a Blue Angel pilot, the hottest artist and designer in the South, a Navy commander, a world class piano player, and a competitive body builder. I've met them all, except the pilot who died in that crash. And they all still love her! I listened to the recent phone call from Italy where Andy is stationed, and this badass big Navy ship captain is on his knees, and still in love with her.

I played poker with Shelby last night, and I saw her competitive side come out, she don't like to lose! She was like this hard ass poker player, with a glimmer in her eye, that said I'm going to kick your butt!

As it turned out, my chip stacks were bigger than her's at the end of the night, and she went to bed. I went down to my truck to hang out in the canopy, with a smile on my face!

Shelby has taught me how to speak Waffle House, and I put it to use this morning as I walked into one. There was an open spot at the counter between a woman and a long haired guy, so I slid on in.

The waitress came up quickly and I said I wanted double hash browns, smothered (cheese), covered (onions), with chili, and two eggs over easy. I sensed the woman to my left shift her gaze in my direction, obviously impressed with my vocabulary. Or maybe it was my nails.

After a few seconds I turned towards her, and saw this beautiful young woman, with amazing tits. As I looked further down the counter I saw her young daughter, and her handsome husband. You're a lucky man sir!

It's been a great return ride so far. I worked the diagonal Northwest from I75, into Alabama, onto I65, and I've landed at a Rest Area South of Birmingham, at 1830, a hundred and ninety three miles from home.

My sweet little truck is running great, I don't know how I could have doubted her...

Shelby and I had a great day yesterday! I think my sweet beautiful grand-daughter has become my favorite human on this planet. We went to that Korean Spa and I just had the soak and steam, in the mens section, while she got an amazing body scrub, from an old Korean woman, on the other side.

My experience was great, alternating between steam room and hot tub. One guy convinced me to settle down into the cold tub for a bit, and I have to say, it was pretty cool.

We left the Spa in search of Sushi and her amazing Mercedes with the phone connection, guided us to the best spot in town. Our last night together on this Christmas adventure ended with a movie and some poker, with chips, and I'm heading back home shortly.

It's the busiest travel day of the year as people travel home from Christmas, and I'm not going anywhere. Shelby and I did Waffle House again, and then she got into a video chat, and landed herself another job, around short term rentals and a RV park.

She also mentioned I could live in a small trailer at the RV park and act as greeter and guide, rent free, not charge them for my time, and live off my Social Security. Sounds like a win/win to me!

We're trying to figure out what to do today, and I'll be heading home tomorrow. Shelby's looking at a Korean Spa, have a good soak and steam, then get an hour long massage, for $200 each. Ten dollars off for seniors.

She's calling them now for an appointment. Ooops, no masseuses available, we could still soak and steam. There's a male and female nude soak area, with a common dry sauna area.

Shelby's checking other options now, but we might just go for this one, stay tuned!

What an amazing Christmas I've just had with Kristin and Ryan, and their family yeterday. The food was amazing, Shelby's boards rocked the house, and I got to know some great folks.

Ryan is a 24 year Marine and as we drove back to Shelby's place for the homemade cranberry sauce we left behind, we chatted. I told him that if I had served I would have wanted to be a helicopter pilot. He smiled and told me that's what he did! How about that.

Paul is Ryan's step dad, ex airline pilot, Flight Controller for decades, and eventually a Controller trainer for the FAA. I told him I worked for Sundstrand back in the early nineties, writing assembly language code for the Black Box. When I said, "but it's really a red box", he knew I was for real.

Rob jumped in and said he also wrote assembly code back in the day. Turns out he's a mainframe guy with an amazing background. Suddenly we were standing over in a corner swapping stories loudly and drinking Ryan's smoked Old Fashions. From left to right, Paul, Ryan, me and Rob.

Ryan's mom Jean Anne is a lovely woman with a great smile, who loved my nails. We chatted about cruises and life. Kristyn, Ryan's wife, cooked up a wonderful spread and spread her beauty around the house.

Their 8 year old daughter Katrina, who I met the last time I was down, was sick but hung in there. The other daughter, 13 year old Kaitlyn, was pretty, and very smart. What a great family!

Shelby and I did a Facetime chat with my Idaho family. It was wonderful to see them and introduce Shelby to my sister, nieces Catherine and Elizabeth, and Dave. Brian she knows well. No snapshots, but maybe Brian will send me a photo or two.

Then we did another Facetime with my son Riley, Jessica and the babies. It was also great to see them and the new baby.

I was honored to have a seat at the table, and see my family on a phone screen!

It's a little after 2300, Eastern time, and I'm sitting in Shelby's main level, while she's mossied off to bed, upstairs. My sweet grand-daughter is worn out, I can't even get a poker game out of her.

This has been a great Christmas Eve day down in Western Florida. The life style here is so different than Lawrenceburg, TN.

The energy is much higher, the people are prettier, and I can't belive they're paying thousands of dollars for a monthly roof over their head.

I told our Columbian hot tub friends about my now raised rent of $525, and they were stunned by how low it was.

Florida is amazing, but everything is insanely expensive. An old retired guy like me, on a fixed income, couldn't make it here, without a lot of compromises.

So, I have accepted Tennessee as my home, where I can live within the means of my fixed income. But the culture and the energy down here are something else. It's Florida baby!

It's now Xmas morning and here's Shelby giving Zinny her gift.

Shelby, Josie, and I had brunch at Oxford Exchange. We were bummed that her friend Ricky, the world class pianist was placed up above the brunch crowd, but we got a table with a view of him.

The food was different, but good. Meeting Josie was a treat, she's originally from Brazil and has a great accent. She's also hot as hell!

Then we drove to St Petersburg, I got my toes in the Gulf of Mexico, and we enjoyed the beach.

Shelby then pulled up in front of this beautiful pink expensive hotel called the Vinoy, and we went inside. We ended up at the pool and there was a hot tub. There was no key lock to the place, so I jumped in. Shelby had her Christmas hooker outfit on so she made a couple trips to the bar, and just dangled her legs in the tub while we made new friends. At one point I gave her a foot massage from the tub.

We ended the soak hanging out with a great couple from Columbia named Christian and Isabelle, and I think they're looking forward to making this blog!

Now we're back home, watching a hot Christmas movie called A Bad Momma's Christmas. Merry Christmas Eve!