Temperature records are crashing around me as the days in the upper nineties continue to languish. I'm staying cool and just flowing along and the creek is my inspiration.

Here I am once again in life trying to decide which hole to put it in. My old engine loves the SeaFoam but since I installed my new Weber carb I'm never really sure which hole to pour it into while I'm pumping the throttle cable to keep her from dying.

The one on the left? The one on the right? Both? And which side of the little flappy thing? I better send this link to my son Riley, the man who has torn down and reassembled every car on the planet, he would know!

Update: Just got a call from The Man. There's a primary and secondary intake and you pour the SeaFoam down underneath the primary intake flap. Turns out the one on the left was the primary, engine clean at 210,771!