I have come to accept, that I have no partner to share anything with. Like this run down to St Joseph for lunch tomorrow.

And given the current state of my old body, and my old vices, the chances of finding a partner are pretty much null and void at this point.

I've had a female partner in my life, maybe 65% of the time, since I reached adulthood.

So what do you do after accepting it? Embrace it! I can now be the crazy old man who says whatever he wants! No partner to appease, or worry about, or to love...

Daniel had lunch today at the St Joe Café, down in St Joseph, TN, just before the Alabama state line on Hwy 43. It's 16.44 miles away and takes 19 minutes to get there.

I've seen it on trips down to Florence, AL, always busy, but I never stopped in.

Daniel said he's always had great meals there, and considering he was born and raised here, that says a lot.

We tried calling to check on tomorrows menu, no answer, I'll call tomorrow. He says it's a daily buffet, changing up the meats and veggies. He's talking spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and dumplings, omg.

I actually didn't leave the house today. Watched Trump being perp-walked, and wrote three posts.

The weather should cooperate nicely for a mid-morning jaunt down to St Joseph tomorrow. Have a great buffet, maybe hit Muscle Shoals, change it up!

I've traveled a lot. Hawaii three or four times, many places in Mexico, Las Vegas a whole bunch, and Mardi Gras at least twice.

I've been to Hollywood, and through the Redwoods. I've driven millions of miles around this great country, and visited 80% of our States. I've had three Caribbean adventures, in my four plus years here in Tennessee.

My friend Skoge sent me links about Mexican Cartels controlling beach resorts, tourists dying. Scratch that option.

What I really want, is what I call Old Man Heaven for a couple of weeks. A local resort where I could dry out, take many daily steam rooms and hot tubs. Full body massages from young pretty ladies! Be served amazing healthy meals.

Slowly get back into shape, and be able to handle the next adventure. Two weeks is all I need.

Daniel and I were sitting in my place Sunday afternoon, and happened upon the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship. Daniel said I hate women's basketball, but I had the clicker and I was fine with tall fit women running across my screen in their underwear.

We figured out pretty quickly that it was a Championship game, and got into it. I liked LSU, with star player Angel Reese, with the big eyelashes, and Daniel was going Iowa, with the best player in the game, Caitlin Clark.

LSU's Jasmine Carson (she was my favorite) with her orange afro, was netting sweet three pointers from the field and then reacting.

Finally, I'm in love with the LSU coach Kim Mulkey, what a badass tough lady that coaches from her heart!

The 102-85 victory by LSU was the most viewed NCAA women's basketball game on record, with 9.9 million viewers on ABC and ESPN2.

But, there is controversy. Iowa's star player Caitlin Clark fouled out, and sat on the bench for a good while. I've seen a lot of buzz out there about the referees leaning the advantage towards LSU. I watched a video showing each one of her fouls, and a couple were really trivial and probably shouldn't have happened. Could she have provided a 17 point difference, I really doubt it. LSU won.

But that's OK, Jill Biden has invited both teams to the White House!

I had a wonderful meal today, just one. It consisted of:

 • Kroger Rice Bitz Oven Toasted Rice Cereal.

 • Kroger Bite Size Shredded Wheat.

 • Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk.

 • Two handfuls of rinsed black berries, crushed in my hand.

 • A sliced banana.

Actually, my eating sucks lately. Had the rotgut buffet at The Square on Saturday morning, I didn't even go back for seconds.

I watched that movie about the rise of McDonalds, on Sunday, and it gave me a craving for fast food. So I drove into town. My first thought was a Hardies Stuffed Omelet Biscuit with a splash of gravy. The guy at the counter said it would take twenty minutes to get my food due to staff shortages.

It's Sunday in the South. The only other place open was, McDonalds.

As I walked in I was faced with a big blackboard showing worthless stuff, and a gaggle of young girls below it. Three or four, training one, which was the young lady asking me what I wanted.

I couldn't see any of their product, I was blinded by the big board, I said "What's good?" and it totally snapped her young trainee mind. She recommended some breakfast sandwich meal and I said fine, but as I was walking away, I turned and said "It has bacon?" I asked her if I could replace that with sausage.

So, she then walked away from the station, and had a conversation with the cooks. I set my plastic number down at a table, and worked on my condiments and a cup of water.

When I got back to my table, there was a tray with two sandwiches (I only paid for one), one with bacon on it, and one with sausage. And a triangle shaped potato thing.

I consider myself an honest and ethical man, and I don't take what's not coming to me. But I made an exception yesterday.

Actually, both of them sucked. They put a sweet flavoring in to emulate pancakes, or something.

McDonalds don't cut it for me no more.

Thinking deeply and wondering what if? If there is a more useless mental activity, I challenge you to present it!

Our current lives are the summation of every decision we have made from the time of birth. We have landed right here, right now, as a result of each decision, where moving your finger slightly, would be considered one.

Every breath is a moment, converted to a video clip and sent directly to long term brain storage. To then be blended together by RI (Real Intelligence) into the form of memory.

If humanity survives, memories can be saved at passing, to be viewed and enjoyed by friends and family.

Hmmm, let me think deeply about that...

James Tilton (June 1, 1745 - May 14,1822), was the first Surgeon General of the United States Army, June 11, 1813 - June 15, 1815. He was my uncle.

Jim was the brother of my great-great-great-grandfather Richard C Tilton. I discovered this today bopping around my family tree at FamilySearch.com

He's got his own Wikipedia page, and he has a great write-up at AMEDD. There is even a Tilton Society with a mansion and another great write-up about my uncle Jim.

The more I dig, the more impressed I am. Here's a quote: "Not only did Dr. Tilton save countless lives during the Revolutionary War, but he also shaped the future medical landscape in the United States".

I just had a great afternoon chatting with my friend Hudson, from the comfort of Daniels chair.

He brought his laptop in and hooked up, we tried to setup some FTP settings for his WinScp install, to no avail.

I really admire Hudson. He's sixteen, smart, has his act together, drug free, and has a goal.

He turns 17 in June, one more year of school, then he heads off for a degree at Purdue in Hardware and Software engineering.

I told him about Dillan, Stephs grandson, that grabbed a full ride out of Summertown High, with a scholarship.

We had that smart person to smart person chat that only smart persons can have.

We swapped stories, but mine were easier to conjure up, since I had sixty years on him...

Thanks Hudson!

The gap between thoughts is deeper, when you've landed at your low, and it's out of control.

The space forward is covered in land mines, places you don't want to go, that eat into your soul.

Live fast, die old, then give your body back to the world!

Apparently, I was in a club of some sort recently. I just got an email with a blurry photo attached. They wanted to know who I am? That's not me!

That sort of looks like my Tilley hat, and I have a tropical shirt that looks just like that one. And the shades, and the goatee...

But I would remember, right? And why do they want to know who I am? Sheesh, life is challenging lately!