I was standing in my doorway this nice quiet afternoon, running a long hard wire through my pipe stem, when a black suv stopped out on the street.

It was my landlord Steve, our new neighbor with the very nice motorhome setup at the end of our street, while their new house is being built.

Steve and I go way back, he was my landlord from the beginning here. I worked for him off and on, transporting cars from Nashville down to his lot. He sold his deceased mothers car to Steph.

He said they're not really camper people, but our quiet little street wrapped around by a creek, is growing on them. We were both clear that my neighbors kids ride their little bikes up and down this road. He said he's made this fact well known.

It's been great to experience two eclipses in the last decade, one in totality. The NASA images that FOX put up today as the moon rolled across Texas, heading northeast, were stunning and emotionally moving.

I watched my neighborhood darken as it's edge rolled by. I felt it's energy overhead, and it started me sobbing.

Sometimes the universe gives us presents, and if we're open, we can catch them.

I had several great invites to eclipse parties today, but I didn't want to imply a favorite, so I stayed home and partied with myself. It's tough being the hot old computer scientist from the West, beating them off with my big stick.

The truth is, as eclipse evening winds down, I haven't spoken to anyone today, in any manner.

As I was wandering through my videos I came across one of our living room in Driggs. It reminded me that the rest of the house was just as amazing. I really blew it by leaving, but it was meant to be.

And here I am now...

I'm way down the well of life, deep into her heart, and she's not talking to me, just an occasional laugh.

Watching the first total eclipse to hit Mazatlan, Mexico, live on Fox. I've been there twice and loved it, now I'm simply being moved.

I had to go to my YouTube channel today to watch my 2017 experience in Idaho. It was surrounded by videos that showed my life there, and it was good.

Now I sit here alone as the sky starts to darken. I'm in the path again, it's cloudy so I don't need to see it, just feel it . Not like the direct path I was under back then, but I'll take it!

People around here say I don't eat, that all I do is drink, smoke and bitch about life. Here's todays meal, and I'm proud of it. Fish sandwich, sliced tomato, coleslaw, tarter sauce and mayo. On toast!

I threw out that DoorDash Mexican crap last night, and go South Carolina!

I've discovered a serious excavation that has appeared overnight at my house. A square rock thing has been dug up, using my shovel with birdshit on it, exposing a small plastic object in the ground.

I'm suspecting it's the detonator for neighborhood destruction, overlooked since the nineties when the creek actually wiped the place out.

But who knew it was there, and who exposed it last night? Maybe I should just go push it?

I've got fourteen grandkids, and I've only known five. Shelby and her brother John I met as toddlers almost thirty years ago. Chris was the first born and I haven't seen either of the guys for decades.

I've met and gotten to know two more grand-daughters, Shannon and Taylor. I'm in close contact with only one of them, my Shelby down in Florida.

So, that leaves nine grandkids I have never met. They have my genes and my history. Washington and Lincoln were our cousins. I have great strong American blood that goes back centuries, on both sides.

Even their mothers family has strong Iowan farmer history.

I'm an ex brilliant computer scientist and a very smart guy. I have a strong propensity towards intoxicants, and I have Parkinsons.

It would seem that my grandkids would have an interest in those facts, maybe they do, but I haven't met most of them, much less sat around and talked heritage.

I wrote four Posts yesterday, and deleted them all when I stumbled from my bed this morning. Usually I would tweak out the stupid shit and keep a couple, not today.

I've been blogging here for over five years and I've trashed many a Post. The ones that dive real deep and cross the line hard, kind of Post.

I've never emptied the trash on this blog. Without checking it out, maybe my hosting platform does not have an automatic housekeep function. That means there may be two worlds here!

(1) What I present to the world as my truth and reality.

(2) What I presented for a short while, then realized it was too honest, and brought it down to trash.

Ok, I just checked and the only trashed Post's left go back to the first of this year. That means that most of the torment drained out of my old troubled mind, through my fingers and lingering online for a moment, is gone.

Hmmm, the Trashed Journal of OldManJim could have been a hit!

I don't remember last night. I know my two buddies were over at some point, that's it.

All I ate yesterday was a terrible big mac and hard fries, so I poured myself into my clothes this morning and drove to breakfast.

It's a beautiful day here in Tennessee, crisp air, blue sky, and quiet. I crossed the highway and slid into the downtown square on the backroads.

When I pulled up there were three women outside the door, and I knew them! Two were the Jehovahs Witness ladies I met a week or so ago, and the other was Gail, a cool old chick with a walker.

We chatted in the warm sunshine of a very quiet town square, and it made the fact that I don't remember last night, mute.

Then I escorted Gail in and we sat together inside a totally dead place. We both had coffee and I ate some eggs.

She talked about needing to go to Walmart but the local transit services were not currently available for some reason.

My first reaction was to throw her walker in the back of my truck and drive her there. I'm an ex paratransit guy, it's what I did for decades.

But then I thought, wait... Gail's a sweet old lady but this is just a second date. Do I really want to tie my day up driving her around town?

I chose not, maybe next time. Daniels now coming over to tell me about the crazy late night we just had.

I just really realized what I have with this blog, and I'm very proud. As I dove down into the code today to eliminate a redundant video message and adjust the spacing, I love how it appears across platforms.

It looks and works great on a phone! It spreads out nicely as the screens and machines expand.

It is totally under my control. I pay for the hosting (IONOS) and the image storage (FLICKR). I take advantage of and enjoy many platforms across the internet. I embrace and love the JOOMLA blogging platform, thanks guys for building such a great thing.

I'm not at the bidding of anyone, this is my platform! I chose almost six years ago to not allow comments, I wanted this to just be a place where I could speak my mind and present my stuff to the world, without having to defend my position.

I have succeeded and I'm happy! This is most likely my last big computer project. I've had many great computer software victories over the decades, and so proud of them all.