I have a confession to make, I have fed the ducks the last two days. I know! It's just one more addiction that's hard to break. The only day I've missed in many months, was last Tuesday when I drove South.

It's difficult to do now, since they're in two groups on opposite sides of the lake, but I pull it off.

They don't seem as hungry lately, sometimes they just come up to eat from my hand once, like Hi You, Thanks! and then waddle on.

I've also been thinking about my daughter Becky meeting my son Riley for the first time this Summer. I failed with Becky, and succeeded with Riley. I wish I was two for two, but we can't change the past.

But we can change the future, by getting past the past. That's what I wish to achieve with Becky, in a fun way this Summer. Vacation time on the beach, surrounded by family. A great way to be!

btw: Shelby has a millionaire friend named Todd who throws great parties at his waterfront place. Love to revisit that!

Well look at me, Old Man Jim Travel. Here's to a Pensacola Summer!

Making plans for this Summer! Shelby is going to be in Pensacola, FL mid-July, but can't confirm dates. Riley and Jess are stoked about nabbing a time-share down there, but they're getting scarce.

Here's what the old man proposes: I think Jessica should book a time-share in Pensacola, mid-July, and I, Shelby, and Becky, will work around those dates.

My lovely grand-daughter Shelby digs Pensacola and I have spent memorable times with her there. She is the ultimate travel guide, and agent!

It would be a great family reunion. Play on the beach with the baby, visit our friend Homers new Zoo!

I can be there anytime, unless I'm rotting in a Lawrenceburg, TN holding cell...

I messed up yesterday when I mentioned I was stoned in a post, kinda taunting the cops, and then one pulled up in front of my house, for a good minute, running my info. My door was wide open, he could have approached, but didn't.

He was making a statement. Somebody here in town that follows me called the cops, for me sitting in the privacy of my home, with just a couple small buds in an old baggie.

If I lived on the West Coast, this wouldn't happen. Anyway, I woke up at 0200, trashed yesterdays posts, and then wrote some slick PHP code into my index file that killed the blog at the top, and presented the word Done, centered perfectly in the middle. I have since commented out that kill switch and re-published those two posts. It's nice to have some way of shutting my blog down completely, if needed.

I don't know, I really don't want the local police digging through my blog for stuff. But hey, I'm a law abiding guy (except for the pot, that's nearly gone...) putting my life out there for anyone to see. I should also say I'm proud of this blog, I've created some great content! Maybe even some the cops might enjoy!

The PoPo just pulled up in front of my house and sat for a minute, within one hour of me putting up my last post. Where I mentioned that I was stoned.

I've been spreading my blog all over town, and I'm probably getting hits from people in authority, who feel the need to report some old guy mumbling about numbing out his Parkinsons by smoking a little pot.

Pot is all over Tennessee, like many states here in the South. I would say that one out of three people I encounter here, smokes pot. The local weed farms are everywhere.

The cops are caught up in a tough situation. They have to enforce the law, that is their job.

So the PoPo just sat there for a minute, reading my blog post, noting the door was open as I said, realized that the world wasn't at risk, and then they moved on.

Daniel and I were watching Fox News and he didn't see them, until they moved on. He's now freaked out by that Post. Let me make it clear that my neighbor puts up with my medication, but don't come anywhere near it!

Daniel says the cops never come down our street anymore. Why not! I love the cops, they are my friends and protectors.

Ok, I guess I'm out there with the city of Lawrenceburg, TN. I am your new neighbor of going on five years. I have confessed to an illegal activity, that will eventually become legal when you need the money.

It helps me, I'm sorry. What more do you want?

If you want to arrest me, you know where I am. But what a waste of taxpayer dollars that would be...

So the cop sat directly in front of my house for a full minute, checking the scene out, running my record. He saw a door wide open at a little house on a dead end street. I am no threat to anyone, and I present none from my home.

I am the most law abiding person I know. Run my record, I haven't been an angel, but I'm a good guy!

After all of these seventy six years, of living, loving, drinking and smoking pot, is this it? Is it my destiny to rot and die in a Lawrenceburg, TN holding cell for this major offense? I ain't payin no bondsman ten percent!

Fuckallyouall! :-)

It's 2pm in Tennessee on a Wednesday afternoon, Mar 1, 2023. Fairly decent day, door wide open, enjoying life.

My way of dealing with the internal vibrations has been to numb them out.

By 2pm, I've created content, I'm well into my drink, and stoned. The combination makes life OK. It's an easy way to get through an otherwise tough day, full of self pity and vibrations.

If my daughter can make it out here at the end of the month, I will use her energy to combat that stuff naturally, and I will be straight.

Shelby is waiting in the wings, to join.

Ok, I have come out as a drunk and stoned man, in America. I do no other drugs, I don't sell my ass for a profit, I don't hurt people and I love to help people.

Actually, if the local police read this post, and decide that they need to knock down my door for a small pot baggy that will probably be empty before they arrive, fine! Throw me in the slammer! Sober me up! I'll do my time, I have no ducks to feed!

Update: My daughter Becky just called off her trip here in March, maybe Summer. This changes everything...

I just created a video to show the little cabinet next to my fridge, that I call my cubby hole. Maybe you're too young to remember this phrase, that's good!

Everybody needs a space to put their personal belongings in. It's your stuff, it's what makes you up, it needs to be close by when your home.

My big round table between two sweet chairs and a giant tv, is my secondary storage area. Everything that falls into the category of daily mission critical, sits there.

It's really important as you age, that you stay as organized as possible.

Some folks have big rooms dedicated to their awards and statues. And some folks don't even have a room, but I'll bet they have a cubby hole.

I'm lucky to have landed, after all these crazy years, with a few important things from my life, still intact, and with me! They're not in that drawer, they sit inside a box in my closet.

My bible as a kid. My daughter Becky's Easter hat, when she was a kid. Original editions of my PC graphics programs from the eighties. Life with Riley growing up stuff.

I also still have the teddy bear that I was given when I was born. How this has happened, amazes me!

Anyway, here's my latest video:

If the video fails to load, click Here.

I was watching a TicTok video this morning where a guy was walking around a city crowd offering $500 to the first person who could name the U.S. President on a two dollar bill. Nobody could.

My first thought was Jefferson, so I pulled the little drawer next to my refrigerator open and looked at the Two Dollar bill laying there on top of everything.

I drove down to the Buc-ee's off I-65, in Athens, AL today. It was a touch more than an hours drive and the weather was beautiful.

I had three goals at this insane oversized store, buy two jars of pickled quail eggs, grab a briskett sandwich, along with a large cup of ice and a bottled water.

The quail eggs were totally sold out! Apparently, these things are popular. I can see somebody coming in and buying them all at $10 a piece, and then reselling them.

I got my briskett sandwich, and some water and ice. The sandwich was ok, not overly impressed with it. Needed coleslaw...

So here I am in Athens, AL at 1000, at the freeway intersection of I-65 and I-72. In a Buc-ee's parking lot, fourteen miles from Huntsville heading East, twenty six miles to Florence heading West. Or just mosey back North to home...

I chose West, to Florence Alabama. As I approached the Wilson Dam, I knew it was going to be open, and sailed right across it. Sometimes it's not, and the city's karma just feels off.

Hung out in Florence for a while, then drove North to home.