I still have family and friends that love me, despite myself. I'm a very lucky man, one who has survived a life he really didn't deserve.

But I'm failing on it now, loosing touch with my own reality, as people around me reach out to support a new life for me, away from Tennessee.

I've failed that last place a few times. I've also had complete freedom to sometimes succeed, and often did.

Now I have a hard decision to make. I established the fact that I no longer have the capability of maintaining the role of drunken stoned bachelor blogger at the end of Lee, ST. in Lawrenceburg, TN.

I really fucked it up bad this time and I'm trying to figure out my best smartest move.

Shelby has brought me into her life now, with love, compassion, and an opportunity to rebuild myself. My son Riley, Jess, and their babies are reaching out with visitation and support.

I have an appointment with my new Physical Therapist coming up within the next 20 or 30 minutes. She sounds young and hot, so I better get this Post off.

Update: I just finished my PT and it went well. She said my body was in good enough shape to transistion up to some beefy male therapist who can give me a real good workout! What an interesting business!