Happy Mothers Day to every woman I've ever known. You women are special, in your own unique way. Men think they know you, we don't. Watch out for us that claim they do, except me of course.

As I walked up and down a long carpet between great townhouse layouts today, next to a fancy pool, I thought about Steph. We did Washington, Idaho and Tennessee together for decades. Steph was one of the Special Ones.

Now I'm hanging out with my current Special One, my grand-daughter, Shelby. I got a nice invite to an afternoon brunch today with her friends, lately becoming mine, but I'm just not recovered yet. So I stayed behind and wrote this Post.

I'm really not much of a social animal lately. I was for a while there on Lee St, entertained a few hot people along the way, and made some great friends.

Now it sits empty in Lawrenceburg, TN for an unknown length of time while I try to figure myself out down here. Shelby even cleaned the place as she grabbed up my critical things. I actually hadn't asked them but Daniel knows my life well there and a bunch of my personal items are here in my lap as I crash at Shelby's place on the beach.

Hey, I could sublet it for my landlord Steve. I leave my TV's, a bed, and a well connected internet. Add on an extra c-note for me at the end of the month!

I have a cyber security genius to my East, a baddass guy to my West, well armed. A new person coming into the neighborhood would be fun for these guys, for a month or more.