I've had this neurological event occur to me over the decades I call the Jaggies. It surrounds my brain like a dark envelope, and electrical lightning like charges come shooting down from this cloud.

The first ones were really intense and I would have to take myself out of bus driving service, and later as a Supervisor I just parked on the highway for a half an hour.

As the years progressed, they would only happen a couple of times a year. Today marked the sixth day in a row. Not major, just enough to be glad I'm not living life at the moment.

People have been scanning my head with machines hard lately, and to each person I mention these Jaggies. I've not had a single response, it's like it doesn't fit into their training so they just say hmmm...

Sitting here at Shelby's in Tampa, and it's beginning to feel like home. I arranged the center into a bed for me with our workstations on the plush center piece by her lounge chair, overlooking the pool.

Listening to Shelby talking and laughing about travel deals she's just made over the phone with friends, is fun.