Where we landed yesterday at was Jimmy B's (yea Buffet). A very cool place, Rob and I hit the main spot on the beach while Shelby hooked up with a U.S. pilot and his dog.

Rob and I had to deal with an overflow of beautiful women while Shelby and her buddy shared their dogs on the beach. We all hooked up later and made plans to go out on a boat this afternoon.

It's tough hanging out down here, and I greatly appreciate the energy expended by Shelby and her friends.

I had a visual cell phone connection with my next door neighbor Daniel a while ago. I called him and he said he couldn't talk because he was on a roof doing his weekend Ice House job.

I pointed my Cell Phone at the pool here and told him I was working on an Ice Melt job. Turns out I was right as we hung up and I left the phone at the pool, where an older woman staying with her son here named Bella found it going off and dropped it off in the Office.

I now have a charging phone and laptop, a new friend named Bella, and Shelby's watching Mom on her big screen. Quite frankly I could use a drink and a joint. Happy Saturday.