Daniel said they cut the fucking robe off my naked body on the ground in front of the ambulance before we all drove to Columbia while Daniel stayed behind having a heart attack, his stint was put in and I've lost track. They dropped me off somewhere, my grand-daughter Shelby was called and I am still alive, thanks to her.

I flew from Tampa, FL to Lawrenceburg, TN, via Nashville yesterday and I'm sitting alone in my old place at 1135. Massey and Daniel got me here from the airport.

It's now Sunday and I've made huge progress today. I slid my truck back out of the carport then started putting items from my house out to the piles forming in my wide open carport.

The idea is to make a sign with "Free Stuff" on it and stick it out on the highway tomorrow. I should get a lot of business and maybe connect someone with a needed part.

The stuff that always follows my life remains in a nice stack in the corner. The way I see it is, folks take what they want, I move my important stuff to a small humble life at Shelby's new place in Pensacola, and hopefully I'll see you all before we die.