Saturday here in Tampa, Florida has been a blast. Hung out lovingly wth family and friends, yet I missed the whole other friend set living back in Tennennesse.

I often take advice from my favorite grand-daughter, Shelby. Her text voice is tough but soft. Now she just says, I'll be right up. with a voice that's real and here.

I have to figure out the answer to that question. Shelby is creating a new world for me here in the Tampa area if I chose to accept it. I am touched, honored and feel loved.

My boy Riley and his family have given me the grace of their family's love. As much as I'd love to live there and watch everything grow, my gift, is to give back space and grow along with them.

But I still have a world, that I call my life. I have to get back to it, resolve it with everyone that needs it, then say goodbye.