Well, it's been quite a day. I remember more than I did yesterday, but not much. The night was painful as my mind was spinning like a toad and my legs cramped up all night, Shelby took me over to somewhere where my memories started to come back, but my brain is scrambled.

I'm able to walk without a walker and without falling, but it's tough. I couldn't remember how I paid my end of the month bills, but Shelby tracked it down to my Driggs, ID account where my first of the month Social Security check goes into.

We dropped by my little house on Lee Street, where Shelby has been staying and cleaning, and it looked wonderful. She located my checking accounts on my laptop and we determined my rent check came out of there, so I wrote this months rent check and we dropped it by my landlords place.

I underwent some memory tests today and I really don't remember much, but i's gradually starting to come back. Everyone say's I'm looking better and things are starting to appear real to me, but all I can do is take their words for it.

It was great to see Daniel at my place this afternoon, and it feels real good to be back in my bed at the main clinic. I've got a long ways to go, and some magic to make my head better, but I'm going to make it.

Shelby has been my magic worker and I owe her my life. I am so lucky and so grateful to her for everything. It's been a really long day and I'm shutting down now. I'm looking forward to another day of friendship and survival, good night everyone.