I just had a thought. Thoughts are wonderful bursts of mental energy that emerge from our being and define our existence.

Every blog Post I do evolves from an initial thought. Most times it's simply the fact that something interesting happened in my life, and I just share and expand on it, but sometimes it's so much more.

On occasion I slide down into the deep dark hole of life, and thoughts suddenly become toxic. My Posts always speak the truth, so blogging while in the hole, usually causes me to send them to the trash the next morning.

But those thoughts were online for a while, often overnight, and you can't take anything back from this Internet that I helped create.

You can hide them after the fact, but every second they're up there, lengthens their life and impact.

With blogging comes responsibility. I just spent the morning going through recent Posts, removing f-bombs and reworking edgy stuff.

Obviously I'm not going back into more than five years of content, but I'm trying to find ways of speaking my mind and my truth now, with class.