I drank last night and put myself to bed with 400mg of Celebrex and slept like a baby, God did I need that! I woke up at 0715 and Daniel knocked on the door shortly after. Soon, we were drinking Bloody Marys.

I offered to buy him breakfast this morning if he got me to the bank and then on to pick up my truck.

We called all around and the only place open was up in the Park. So, we took off into the world on a fucking Saturday morning at 0800, with a couple Marys in our gut.

I grabbed some cash to pay Thomas from the ATM, and then we drove to the Park. They had a buffet going and we got a table overlooking Lake Lindsey, and hit the breakfast buffet, with Mimosa's on the side.

Then we hooked up with Thomas and my truck is purring like a kitten, thanks man.

Now we're sitting around my house with cocktails going on and I'm not safe to drive my sweet little recovered truck! Maybe tomorrow!

The carb was still running high, and Daniel came over and brought it down.

Just now, he tapped on my shoulder as I was hearing her purr, for almost an hour, and suggested I shut everything down, and I did.

This old truck is ready to ride! Where to?