I've been documenting my life here in Southern Tennessee since I landed going on six years ago. I can pick any month out of any year here and recall what I was doing then, with pictures.

Now, as dementia settles in and I experience it in real time, I'm really glad I have. Hell, I have a previous blog that covers the many years before moving here. I love to write, I'm a decades long photographer, I used to develop brilliant code and it has been a natural fit.

I'm going to keep on blogging until I can't. I suppose there will come a point someday, when I lose that ability to capture my life here on the web. I will either be physically dead, or brain dead.

It cost around $200 a year to maintain these two blogs, and they would eventually fade away when that happens. Sure, some family member could jump in and support them, but why?

I have fourteen grandkids and I've only met a few, not to mention their children. I have a daughter that I haven't seen in decades. The truth is there are only a very few people on this earth that care how my life went.

So let my blogs go, when I go!