My road trip to Dayton, TN is off. Charlie called today to say that the leaf springs they pulled were damaged. The next nearest place is up in Ohio and I have no desire to travel that far in the winter, so I guess my tail will just keep on dragging.

I tried to help Steph out this morning with her engine fan issue, hooked her up with the guy that did my rear-end, but I guess we weren't on the same page.

Hmmm, now what? Hudson's prepared to feed my ducks, I have no pets, maybe a trip to Cancun? I just asked Alexa what the weather was and she said 83 with clear skies. Damn that sounds nice, find myself an all inclusive hotel on the beach for a week, get a $20 massage every day, and soak in the hot tub at night. Anybody want to join me?

Or drive up to Metropolis and buy some stupid maker? Daniel says I'm an asshole when I'm stoned, but I strongly disagree, he just doesn't get me in that state. He's just an old southern boy, never been stoned in his life.

Or do nothing...