I like our local Walgreens here in Lawrenceburg, TN. They have been my pharmacy for more than five years, their prices are fair, and someone always greets you as you walk in.

Today, 1/31/24, I timed my visit to the exact arrival of my new Parkinson's drug, at 1245, according to their website. I want to start these new meds quickly.

The young lady that greeted me told me it wasn't ready yet. In other words it had arrived in a container box from somewhere, along with a whole bunch of others, and hadn't been processed.

The initial implication was, come back tomorrow. But this is where her customer service shown through.

She dug through that box of new arrivals, on the floor across the counter in front of me, and found it.

This fine young Walgreens employee had a three letter name. Very sweet, loved my fingernails. She could have easily said come back tomorrow but allowed me to start a new Parkinson's drug today.