I was looking over my YouTube video stats today, and was surprised to see Steph scraping snow off our roof in Idaho came in at 104,902 views, behind Mexican Dancing Horses at 128,377. Next closest was Steph weed whacking at 16,435 views.

It's funny how YouTube videos propagate. That one of me and Madeline feeding the ducks got a whole bunch of hits, and comments. One lady said she had a rough day with nurse exams, had no idea how that video ended up in her feed, but loved it and it made her day.

But the Horses video remains king at views and comments.

Now I'm trying to set a record for most vitamins consumed by a human in a single day. My doctor CJ at the clinic said I need to take vitamins to solve my leg pains, so I researched the best, and bought them on Amazon.

Then I had that cool free CVS offer based on my medical plan, and bought a bunch more.

Now I put them out on a paper plate at night before I crash, and take them all in the morning. I also have two prescriptions for Parkinsons in the mix.


Mexican Dancing Horses

Roof Snow

Weed Whacking

Feeding Company