It's been a lonely weekend, too cold to go out and play, my neighbors wife has occupied his time completely, while my other friend has no vehicle and ladies to juggle. In other words, I have no life.

I really wish I was stoned, guess I should work on that. The weather is warming up to 70° by Wednesday and maybe a drive to the Thrive Metropolis dispensary up in Illinois would be a good test of the money I've put into my truck recently.

It's a couple hundred miles each way and I could layover in the Rest Area up there. The last time I drove there I took the mystery lady with me, and I've since lost touch with her completely.

I'm running out of reasons to restrain from stupidity. I'm tired of just hanging out with myself, done that too many times over the course of my life. Survival is not living, it's just waiting to die.