My mechanic Thomas came through for me today, big time. I suspect he read my blog and realized this old man was dead in the water without his truck, and he took time out of his family day after Thanksgiving to fix it. You have earned my loyalty sir.

Turns out it was my distributer, so he drove to the parts store, got it, installed it, and finished up the tuning on my rebuilt carb.

That's the thing about maintaining a sweet old truck, stuff wears out! I need my truck, it's like an extension of me, and I can't afford an alternative vehicle.

So if your looking for a great mechanic, I highly recommend Thomas! His shop is the old Bobby Darnell place, just past First St off Hwy 43 in Lawrenceburg, TN, heading North, on the left.

I just talked to my auto body genius son in Seattle, and he said the distributer makes sense. I bought the truck off him many years ago, and I have continued to maintain and improve her, and maybe I'll get another 250K out of her, or more.

Thomas's rates are also very reasonable! My boy was saying that having the same job done by the ripoff mechanics in his area would be much more.

Thanks again, my friend!