Ok, I've had some interesting times. Yesterday I drove up to the liquor store for supplies, and as I was loading ice and booze into my truck, a guy appeared at my door.

Daniel told me later he spotted the guy standing at my truck as he drove by on his way to Allen's house.

He had a red hoodie over his head, and appeared homeless. We chatted for a bit and I invited him home, and he hopped into my truck. I drove back to my place, and we hung out for a bit. He refused to sit, standing by my door instead.

I have helped local homeless people here in my house before. It is what I do. If this guy wanted a shower and a fresh start, I was willing to provide it. But he did not.

I asked him where he wanted to go, and he said the Pawn Shop by the Wishy Washy. So, I drove him there.

I don't know if I will ever see this guy again, he knows where I live, and that's fine. He was interesting and kept referring to my name Hamilton, which is an apparently important name around here. A circuit judge or something.

He also had a disability, a severe indentation on top of his head. Would not elaborate on how it got there. Maybe I'll see him again...