For those that haven't picked up on it yet, I'm still blogging like crazy, just not shoving my self perceived brilliance down anybody's throat with "Read Me!" texts every time I write something. If anybody want's to know what OldManJim is thinking about, just come here if you like...

Actually, if I was a reader of this blog, I would scroll down to the last thing I remember, and work backwards...

My boy Riley just got into a car wreck, some animal darted in front of him and he swerved to avoid. Crashed into a tree, airbag deployed, and their Acura was totalled. He's alright, a little beat up. I told him I know a good body guy, but sadly, it's a loss. I love you son, sorry it happened.

I realize now that my hiccups have not stopped since yesterday. About every eight seconds a vibration rolls up from my inner body and jolts my head and upper body back. It has not stopped, maybe for a couple hours last night but I may be delusional, and I'm getting concerned and pissed off.

Talking is difficult as every sentence is interrupted by a jolt of my head. I was talking to Riley this morning, and it was tough. Picture every eight seconds (I timed it) a vibration rolls up from your body, jolting your shoulders up and messing with your speech mid-expression.

I initially thought it was from yesterdays Mexican food, but I was so wrong. This is a real physical thing that I need to address!

These aren't hiccups!