I casually asked Steph over breakfast this morning, if her granddaughters Lilly 7, and Lyla 5, knew where their mystery $50 each at Christmas, came from.

I was surprised to hear that they were told it was from me. I haven't seen these girls for a couple of years, what with the falling out and all. Steph showed me pictures on her phone, and they are beautiful.

They probably have faded memories of me. Lilly is into sports and Lyla is just into being provocative, from what I can tell. They also have a new baby brother who's walking around, Steph adores them all.

Maybe one day I'll see them again, the space between me and Mellisa has mellowed, but just ain't there yet. I just want to say here, that I fell in love with those girls, and I wish them the best!