I went to bed tonight around 2015, relatively sober, and just laid there and thought about everything. So I decided to get up and write.

Nights have been really tough lately. The Parkinsons vibrations are strong and the pain in my legs is messing with my sleep. I last about a half hour on each side before the pain wakes me up and I roll over.

And, when I lay on my right side, my rotator cup stuff hurts. As a result, deep REM sleep is gone, and sleep in general is shot.

I finally have an appointment tomorrow with my Primary Care doctor at the Fast Pace clinic up the street. Usually I deal with the lovely ladies that run the place, but this is with their main PC. I know they take this seriously, her time is valuable, and they have bugged me a bunch about being there. Trust me, I'm there.

The primary purpose is to discuss my very high blood pressure, and maybe put me on some meds. I'm currently taking just two pills for Parkinsons.

But I want to address other issues. This is my one shot to talk to a real doctor, why is my ability to walk going south, why does my lower back seize up and make me fall down? And talk about alcoholism...

This little clinic right up the road has been there for me several times over the almost five years I've lived here. The ladies are sweet, compassionate, and I appreciate them very much.

So, I'm stopping at the Sunrise Bakery here in town and picking up a dozen assorted fresh baked pastries tomorrow. I will carry the box into the back, and set it on their counter before I head to a cubicle. Sweets for the sweet!

I'll take a photo of the box and post it tomorrow!