I realized that I didn't pay my $10 copay the last time I was at my little strip mall medical clinic. The front desk girl was busy and I just spaced and left.

I went in there this morning to pay my bill, but the girl said there is nothing due. I told her that's just what happened at Pat's Cafe, where my order info vanished before I could pay, and I got a free breakfast.

She smiled and said "maybe you're blessed, pay it forward" and I told her I do that as much as I can.

Then, being on a roll, I drove up to the hospital to get copies of my liver ultrasound images. Once I navigated through a couple of folks in the main building, I ended up down in Records at the back of the Hospital.

I filled out a couple pages of info, let her scan my ID, we chatted about Florida beaches, and then she handed me a CD.

I don't own a CD reader anymore, but I could run up to Walmart and get one for twenty bucks. Or better, Daniel's got one for his laptop, I'll just borrow his tonight, for this one-off event.