I messed up yesterday when I mentioned I was stoned in a post, kinda taunting the cops, and then one pulled up in front of my house, for a good minute, running my info. My door was wide open, he could have approached, but didn't.

He was making a statement. Somebody here in town that follows me called the cops, for me sitting in the privacy of my home, with just a couple small buds in an old baggie.

If I lived on the West Coast, this wouldn't happen. Anyway, I woke up at 0200, trashed yesterdays posts, and then wrote some slick PHP code into my index file that killed the blog at the top, and presented the word Done, centered perfectly in the middle. I have since commented out that kill switch and re-published those two posts. It's nice to have some way of shutting my blog down completely, if needed.

I don't know, I really don't want the local police digging through my blog for stuff. But hey, I'm a law abiding guy (except for the pot, that's nearly gone...) putting my life out there for anyone to see. I should also say I'm proud of this blog, I've created some great content! Maybe even some the cops might enjoy!