I really hate taking life. Today I was trying to chase a small wasp out of the house with a fly swatter, and hit him too hard. He fell to the floor mortally wounded, and I had to finish him off. I then told his dead wasp body that I was sorry.

When I find an insect in my house, I capture it and escort it out the front door. Last year I had a mouse in the house and had to take it out with a trap. I felt very bad for days.

Back in Idaho, Steph talked me into taking out a beautiful woodpecker that was doing it's thing on one of our trees. I rested the pellet gun up against our log home, sighted it in, and dropped it to the ground. Never listen to a woman when she tells you to take a life!

It's a really hypocritical position to take I suppose, since I still eat animals and fish that have been killed by others. I guess I can only just hold myself accountable, as I try to survive.