I used to be very spoiled. For twenty years I had someone to cut my fingernails and toenails, trim the hair in my ears and my nose, give me haircuts, and rub my body on a massage table that she bought early on.

When my school bus kids needed treats, she was all over it. Creativity flowed from her hands, it was amazing.

I returned the favors as best I could, I could give a great body rub, I could make her satisfied, I was a kind man, and I could cook.

Today I asked my neighbor Daniel if he had anything to patch the hole in my grey sweat pants, because I have a couple of appointments this week, and I don't want my nuts falling out.

He hooked me up with a spool of thread and a needle. He then advised me to not attempt this repair until tomorrow morning.

I asked for his help and he just rolled his eyes, and left. Some things you just need to do by yourself...